Part 2 of the journey to freedom (Q and A)

Find part one Here

Wet and cold. That is all I can feel as I snuggle deeply into the chair shaped futon I had dragged down to the secret library one night, in need of a comfy seat… though I had yet to find a comfy position to read.

“Stupid puppeteers…stupidly placed escape… Stupid river” I grumbled, I drew the steamed tea to my lips.

After the CEO had appeared, I hadn’t thought another thought, before I rushed to the exit I had heard of, not giving a care to even turn to face my enemy.

He had called out in outrage, of course. But that wasn’t stopping me. You couldn’t stop me when natural instinct took over. Grasping the tightly, I rushed to the exit, hidden at the other side of the cave, behind an immovable shield. Only with a key of a storyteller could you get through. What I hadn’t accoutred for, of course, is a leakage running through a slight dip in the floor, created perhaps, by a failed attempt to get the key protected by old magic, as the exit is.

Falling, I tumbled in the mass of water with a panicked screech, soaking myself through the bones. The water had been freezing, stepping with dirt and metal, cutting into my skin.

I would have stayed there, surprised and frozen if it wasn’t for their rushing footsteps behind me.

Complain later, go now… I had thought, getting up and rushing off, or art least attempting to. The rubble wasn’t the only thing below. It seems some unwanted weeds had crawled up, growing tall an me. But it seems that I am not the only one getting stopped. As I got to the middle of the building river, it seems the others had their own problems, and with their bigger bodies of mass and muscles, they were getting slow down even more.

Perfect… I thought, making my way to the other side.

“What are you doing you fool! She’s getting away!” The CEO shouted as I slipped down a back path to the shield, before getting out, fast.

I grasped the pen tightly in my hand, focusing on the matter at hand. No, not the key pen, an ordinary pen I had managed to create with a guide I found right here, in this hidden world away from the prison outside. After finding this library I had immediately read as many books as I could in the little time I could spend here, filled with this joy of a new world at hand. But then one day it just it just hadn’t been enough. I had wanted more and slowly that craving had turned into a need to write and draw

But where?

With paper being forbidden and all items to scribe on being monitored, it seemed impossible. There were told of those who tried… they weren’t pleasant.

I had concocted this pen as a start, but like always, I forgot the important small details.

Where was I to get the paper?

The only paper available held tales too good to demolish in my need. Besides, that would not be readable either way. It had been then when I had come upon the journal of the previous Storytellers and the other fools who had been stupid enough to attempt this trial as I did, that I found a way

But I guess it’s no longer stupid if it worked… I thought with joy as I gazed upon the pen where it rested on the small table I had also smuggled in here when mom had tried to throw it out.

The book had told of a domain, for the Storytellers, a home in a world away. A place where I could read and write my own story, weaving worlds through pen and paper, whenever I wished. It would connect me to other storytellers who possessed their own keys to the domain.

Finally, a group of people I can connect with…

But first, I have to do my duty like all others before me, but while they had failed to finish, I would. The last few pages of the journal I had found were still empty, waiting for someone to success ad fill their pages with the result.

Which is something I know I should hurry with but… the pen in too tempting. I wanted to savor the moment at first, waiting to us it at a time where I hadn’t just been doused in a mess but now, as I look at it resting peacefully, tempting me silently, I don’t think I can.

Setting the aged journal side, I reached for it.

I held it with glee and satisfaction for a moment, before jumping straight in.

Now how had It say I do it? I thought before flicking to one of the first pages. Reading the passage, I snuggled into the blanket I had made, holding the pen tightly as I thought, hard and strong of all the hopes and dreams I have. Of all the tales I had read and wanted to read. Of all the stories I wish to tell, written or drawn.

And then I felt it.

It was just a flicker as first, but then it became too hot to ignore. Opening my eyes, I found the pen lit again. Abruptly, it started to rise out of my hand. I let it go in anticipation.

It floated just in reach before it started to flicker in a motion of… drawing?

At first, I watched with confusion as ink started to spill in the air in straight lines forming a picture. No, not a picture. It’s a book.

The cover started to form; a group of entwined lines, almost like vines, with roses, dotted around. Words started to spill across the cover.

‘Welcome, Storyteller’

I gasped in surprised as I watched in wonder. The rest of the book formed, before more if a solid actuality and less of a drawing by the minute before it flicked open. Actual papers fluttered before it fell into my lap open to the fist page.

The pen landed upon it, soundlessly.

Before I can completely take in what had occurred, more words started to form upon the book, this time on the first page.

‘Welcome, Storyteller. What is your name?’

Oh… I hadn’t expected that I thought as I picked up the pen.

Should I say it or…

The book answered the unspoken question forming the words.

‘Write your answers please’

Okay… I thought before putting on to paper. A feeling of joy came upon me as I wrote


And it wrote back.

Welcome to the Storytellers Domain, I.R.T’

I giggled with pure joy. This is it. This is what I have been waiting for.

More words started to form, and I replied.

‘Now we just wish to ask you some questions, set to help improve your domain’

Ok,’ I wrote hurriedly.

‘How old are you?’

’18 and a half’

‘Good. How far have you gone in education?’

‘Just finished my last year of college. I am currently on a gap year before I head off to university unless I change my mind’

‘Interesting. What are your preferred genres are the moment?’

‘Fantasy, Adventure and Actions’

‘Excellent, are those the genres you prefer to write in?’

The smile on my face started to hurt, but I don’t care.

Yes,’ I wrote happily.

‘What is your inspiration to write?’

Dreams, life, experience and much more

‘When do you wish to start reading, writing and drawing?’

With a deep breath, I wrote the final words I hope will let me in.



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