What is Wattpad?

Hello, Storytellers? Readers? Mystery Seekers?

Hum… we will need to come up with a name for you all…

As for now, hello Readers! Now this post is more of an informatic post slash a short written piece for you to indulge in (^_^)

As many of you will know if you have scavenged my website, I write a book. If you didn’t know, well now you do!

Another thing you may or may not know is where you can find this book. At the current moment, I post my books online for comments and feedback on a website called Wattpad.

What is Wattpad, you ask?

Well, why not read  below and find out with one of my very own characters, Heather-Lilly, just what Wattpad is….


“Writing” he had said so calmly, out of the blue. A smile of excitement decorated his handsome face.

A blush traveled to my cheeks.

Stop it’, I had thought, ‘you know he doesn’t like that; he doesn’t like you like that’

But who can help it?

He is obviously not a classic handsome, with his white blonde hair and strange violet eyes, but he is a new level of handsome of his own, one no ordinary being could reach.

“Give it a try” he had insisted “You never know, it could be the right thing to help you with your anxiety”

“Yes. But what about reviews” I had asked, as my heart beat faster

“Well, people won’t know who you are, as long as you don’t tell them. Create a pseudo account. I’ll even help you!” He had said, plucking a rose from a nearby bush “you could call yourself Rose”

“Really?” I’d said with little gusto, minorly mocking him. “A flower? Like no one would figure that out, right? I mean isn’t similar or anything”

“Yes, they won’t,” he’d said, his smile changing to one mixed with softness as well as genuine happiness over his creativity “Because that’s the great thing about it; it being similar, that is. No one would think you would go with a flower, so its even more difficult to figure out it’s you! If someone even has the slightest of suspicions they will re think it thinking that you couldn’t possibly be that stupid”

“So your being stupidly creative,” I had replied, with a slight giggle. He had nodded his head, energetically, looking proud of himself.

“So you’ll do it?” He had asked, imploringly

“Um…I-I’m n-not sure…” I had stuttered out, hesitant as I looked down at my twiddling thumbs.

“Come on Lilly” he had pleaded “This could be a great opportunity. I mean you can write on there, but there’s not only that, there’s also much more than that available”

“What do you mean?” I had asked, with slightly more interest, his smile never leaving his face

The web page he had told me of was made and dedicated to unpublished, in the making, writers… right?

And that is how I find myself here, searching up wattpad.com as I sipped a cup of hot chocolate, in front of my favorite cafe; ‘Cafe Fairytale

Lifting the purposefully chipped cup to my lips, I took another sip of the chocolate goodness, my nerves relaxing slightly.

Turns out the free web page, and the app, was not only for budding writers but also well known authors, all using the sight like a social media platform likes twitter or Instagram; a place to enhance their author profile. While some stayed on the page, never going further then simple posts of chapters once in a while, or according to scheduled updates, other used their accounts as a starting point to lead to success in self publishing, like the writer Robert Thier.

But that is not all.

Looking through, I prowled with interest as an aspect of the page unfolded, one Zero had not told bluntly but hinted on.


Multimedia to be exact.

Some pages or users to be specific, dedicated their accounts to creating covers for many of the writers.

Maybe I can give it a try…

But, I have yet to delve into the wide world of digital art, having stuck with more traditional, hand to paper, form for my sixteen years.

But there weren’t only covers; there is more. The web page gives the opportunity to place multimedia items, within your work, with your writing. Which brought about new opportunities. Many had already taken advantage of its uses, creating illustrated children stories such as ‘mouse stew and other tales‘ by the author Bhashini, while others used it to publicly release, and gain an audience in, something I am more interested in.


Maybe Zero is right; maybe this is a great opportunity…’ I thought, looking down to my artwork.

It’s something I have enjoyed creating for a while but never shared. When the psychologist had said to look for opportunities to release emotion to relax, I had automatically thought of my artwork. But I hadn’t wanted to tell them about it. I hadn’t even told Zero yet.

His opinion just matters to me too much to have him not like it…

But maybe if I share through wattpad, I could get reviews and publicity anonymous…

‘Then it’s decided’ I thought with certainty. ‘I’m going to do this’

Quickly, I created an account, before I lost the courage

Welcome to Wattpad @Hidden_Rose.



9 thoughts on “What is Wattpad?

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    I joined Wattpad recently too because I want to work on my book. It was a huge jump for sure. We should connect on there and support each other!

    Liked by 1 person

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