Tea Time Thursdays

Hi, my lovelies… I really don’t know why I’m calling you that but it seems to be a recurring thing I kept saying while planning what I am going to write and how to introduce myself, so I wrote it.


Anyway, welcome to tea time talks (currently Thursday in the title since the timing of when these type of blogs are to go up are still undecided) with me, Rosalina!


Let me start with an apology first, to those who were expecting a blog post last Saturday. Since I have started the process of producing content that is more than just my book writing, I have been trying to figure out the ins and outs of creating them and what works well for me, in terms of how long it takes me to create a good quality product and what I need to do it – though things can always do with improvement hence why I jumped in before I was sure of this, as I always do.


BUT I can say I have more of a handle on how things are going to happen and more of a fixed pattern for my work.

But if any changes are to be made they will be made on the timetable (my second blog)my second blog) I have posted it to inform you lovely readers of the sort of content you can get from me and where. Or you can simply follow me on my personal twitter account which I have found myself avidly using the past week for some negative and positive reason which I may get into later, but if you can’t wait simply CLICK HERE  and head over to see the numerous tweets I have managed to post, abruptly, in the past few weeks since starting recording YouTube videos.

And, I warn you the time table may still go through some changes. But as of now what is there is what I am planning on sticking to.


But something I do wish to inform you on, on here, is the way these blogs are going to go! I plan on releasing two blogs a week until I am comfortable to do three, as I only seem to be able to commit to two along with all the other content I create, as you’ve seen last week by the missed day, for which I apologize for once again!

Now for these two blogs, the basic structure for one will be like this, a conversational piece where I plan on addressing you, my readers, directly!

Now this won’t stick to a simple structure, I plan for it to be loose and fluid, but what you can count on from these pieces is things like the behind the scenes of the content I produce, such as my books, and youtube videos (Probably in the versions of rants sometimes – but don’t worry, I’ll try to make them light-hearted and comical for your amusement). Sometimes they may also include notifications and changes I feel the need to inform you of or good news I would love to give to you all (hopefully I’ll have some sooner than later with my book )


And it may also include things I’ve maybe learned or heard about which I want to share with you all since this is called ‘mind of mine’ – though I must warn you, I tend to think in a philosophical manner so there may be a lot of these and they may be random.

For example, here’s something I realized this week.

The things I like the most, and you may like these as well, are the things I hate to get to and get back from. For example things like sleep and even showers! – now one wanted to get into those or out!

Don’t you agree?

And for the other part on this blog? It will stick to a storytelling structure where I will give out advice on art and writing, in a continuation of the ‘journey to freedom’. But I think it will be called ‘The Storytellers journey’ instead and each week I will include a tip or trick I have picked up along my journey that many of you could use when you are writing or drawing.


I do wish you could all join the journey and read along!


Now on to talking about this week!

Phew, that was a long introduction – I’ll try and keep them shorter in the coming weeks.

So what I should update you one?!

Well this week, though I did not stick to the timetable for blogs, I have managed to with Youtube videos so far! Even though I still need to record the one for tomorrow, but that sketch is done so there’s not much worrying there.


So far I have released three videos – four if you count the first tester I did, with failed epically as the editing software I used left a huge watermark in the middle of the video and wouldn’t let me take it away.


But after a stressful few days of trying different software’s to find that they refuse to convert my video (and even if they do they corrupt the file), I decided to stick to YouTube editor and have done so do far. Even with simple editing options, I don’t have a problem with it as speed arts do not really require muchtechincal equipment to create.

The first video I did was of Baby Groot from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy VOL 2’ Which you can check out here.

The second video (for which the process went smoother) is a drawing of iisuperwomanii aka Lilly Singh Which you can check out here.


and I also have a coloring page up on this website if you check out ‘the storyteller’s  designs’  section!

And the third video I posted this week has been a speed art video of chapters arts that I do – though I haven’t managed to record the first three of them having not even thought of doing this so I have started from chapter 2 which you can find here


Speaking of my book, if you don’t know by now, I post weekly chapters over at wattpad (check out my last blog post of what wattpad is if you are not informed of it)

You get a weekly chapter on Friday, so tomorrow I will be posting ‘chapter 9.5 – similarities and differences‘ so do check that out! Also, you may get an extra chapter on Monday as I am close to achieving another target for which I give out reward chapter


Also to do with my book – I have FINALLY finished the last draft! Though it does require a last run through of editing, which I am both happy and not happy about. Even if it is the time where I add the most characterisation in, which is fun, it does take a lot of focus and attention, which I lack being a multitasker – so my attention quickly disperses, especially since I have read through this story many times, in MANY versions.

But it is close to finishing, and I feel it will be at a stage where I am willing to send it off to a literary agent, for which I have started to plan and write my cover letter and synopsis for! I will inform you on how that is going next week so do look out for that if you are interested.

Oh, and do tell me if you wish to know about the process of traditional publishing – I find many people who do wish to be published often don’t look into what it actually requires soon enough. It should be done before you even start writing a book in my opinion. But that is all for another post, this is already long enough for my taste and I’m sure yours too.

vdaySo until next week my lovely readers!

Happy reading


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