The Storytellers journey – Chapter one: Time to get started

(This is a  continuation of ‘the journey to freedom‘)

Ducking through the small curtains, I slid to a stop in the aged library, breathing in the heavy scent of old books and parchment.

Ah… home.

After first opening up the storyteller’s domain, I hadn’t found much time to delve into its contents completely, distracted by the calls of adults and ‘The Puppeteers’. It would be so quick to just dismiss them as nothing, but I’ve learned a few years back that isn’t the easiest way to go.

It never really works.

Laying low is my best option. Though it had taken a stroke to my ego at first, it became easier over time to play along till I could take a proper jump to who I am. As for now, I shall play in this library, hidden away, whilst out there I will perform the act of a puppet, mindlessly following and never speaking.

It took praying eyes away from me and left me with the chance to run away from time to time, to here. It let me go undetected as I slipped away from their repetitive houses and entered this hidden sanctuary with many worlds.

And soon I’ll be able to create my own… I thought with glee as I settled down into the chair shaped futon after removing unnecessary layers of clothes.

Lighting a waxed candle, I shut off the torch I carried upon entry. I always left it near the entrance to help me find my way around here as this place is too old to hold an off the modern day forms of light.

Snuggling into the woven black blanket, I let out a small sigh of content before looking to my prized possession.

The key slash pen.

This time, when I grasped it, it came to life without many thoughts, seeming to recognize me.

Slowly, it moved out of my hand and I let it go as I watched with renewed fascination as the Storytellers domain formed.

Hello, Rosalina. Welcome back‘ The first p[age read as the pen returned to my hand.

Smiling, I answered swiftly.

‘Hello. Happy to be back’

Excited?’ It responded.


The book seemed to hum with some amusement as it rested upon my lap.

Well, what do you wish to do today?’ It asked.

I responded instantly.


Excellent‘ It replied before flicking pages.

One it came to a rest, upon it said.

‘Let us start a new story then’

Lets‘ I wrote underneath the word.

They faded, suddenly, but it didn’t take long for more to appear.

‘Turn the page to write your new story, Storyteller’

I did so immediately.

The page held a look of an aged book while the page itself felt new. It held the style of an old textbook.

Many ideas ran through my head.

What should I write?

A tale of love?

A tale of hate?

A tale of anger?

and who are my characters to be?

What about a dragon?

Or a princess?

Or a ghost?

And what way should I write it?

‘It seems you require some assistance‘ The book wrote, suddenly, interrupting my thought.

I grinned sheepishly before writing, a simple ‘yes

‘Maybe I can help?’


The pages flipped again. This time landing closer to the beginning then at the middle as before. As soon as it settled, words appeared.

‘How about we try and order your thoughts?’

Order? How so?’ I wrote quickly.

‘Well, you have many ideas, let us try and focus on one for now. There is always time for other’

That is true‘ I wrote with a smile.

‘How about you pick one as a trial thought as we go through the next process’

Hum… I thought, tapping the pen against my chin.

Ok‘ I wrote ‘I have an idea’

‘Wonderful, now let us get started It said before the words disappeared and new ones formed.

‘Know this before we start. There is no one way to plan and write a tale. Many have their own ways. But here is a basic structure concocted by many storytellers to first allow them to gather their thoughts. Use it to structure your thoughts, to set a tale to never be forgotten…’

Understood,’ I wrote back with glee as I clicked upon the icon.

The pages flipped slightly, once again, before landing upon a page will what seems like a basic plan.

large old paper or parchment background texture

Above the image, more words appeared. Constructions, it seems.

‘Pick a place you wish to start, any of your choosing. Many Storytellers like to pick and choose what order they fill in depending on which they are enthusiastic to write about. And note this, though these ideas are put individually, they may intertwine over time’

Excellent… I thought as I scanned the paper.

With a smile on my face, I zeroed in on the section of choice.


To be continued next Saturday…

Learn along with this storyteller, how to put your ideas together to create a book (^_^)


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