Tea time Thursday – Seems like its here to stay ^_^

Hello anyone and everyone who just happen to be passing over this blog post in the moment of delving into this web space. Welcome back to the old readers who mysteriously found their way back to this minuscule part of the world, on the crazy and wonderful thing called the internet.

IN-TER-NET… I wonder who came up with that word… is it strange when people create words? How long does it take to get used to them? Why don’t it feel weird when we learn new words? Why do they just sound as if they were things that were always there?

(can you tell I’m tired yet? No? Well, one thing you should know is when I am tired I like to ramble write and may do so often, with only some guilt that someone body may be reading this and I may be annoying them. But then again it’s their own choice to stay! But rambling when I’m tired, in my mind, can get people who are not worth your time away, saving you further energy in the conversation as they will go away of their own will and you are less likely to seem rude; just over eccentric of the which the acts helps me tricks myself into feeling more awake then I am

*pausing for a deep breath of which I am feeling out of it even if I am just writing this and reading in my head )

So… Hello! And thank you to those of you who have chosen to stay after that never ending nonsense! And I will try to keep these sentence as short as I can but if I ramble write, my apologies.

Now on to the tea time talks ( see! I said I would try and keep this intro shorter than the last and I did!)


So on to what I wish to talk about, starting with this week!


Ahh, this week, what shall I start with about it…?

Well, it’s dragging on that’s for sure!

Which, for me, usually means I am not doing enough work, which I can admit I have not but this week has been a very strange one.


Well, for one I keep getting electric shots from our household light switches.

Didn’t think that was a thing? Yes, so didn’t I, until they occurred twice and I looked it up. Turned out static can build in the metal (i.e. the screws on the light switch) due to humidity which when you touch, can give you a shock. Apparently, they are not a dangerous thing, but when each shock seems to increase in power, there has to be a problem.


I am in the process of trying to convict my mom to get the switches looked at but like all things I say, she pays no focus until they’ve occurred, and then it’s only to say I never said anything but in actual fact, she had chosen not to listen.


As for why else it’s weird? Well, I have started editing again! My book that is, which is hectic to get back into to. Editing is that sort of this which you MUST plan your days AROUND, not the other way, or you will never get it finished! That is if you are like me, the type to get easily distracted.

As I mentioned last week, editing and I have… a hate and love relationship. I get excited about it as this is where I can start adding the depth of the characters and storylines, with words to evoke emotions that are carefully considered, and also take the time to fix mistakes that were not considered in the first couple of run throws. But I also hate it as it is time-consuming and, as I mentioned, I have a very short attention span so focusing on something that I have looked at before for so long and so many times is not easy.

But it must be done either way!

*Raising pen and keyboard like weapons*

It will not defeat me!

So I have been attempting to buckle down and try to fit my schedule around it, but that means making major changes which give me a sense of discomfort being a schedule loving creature. Though I’m not quite as strict as that sounds, I like sticking to a basic structure; the slightest of change often makes me feel like my world is being thrown out of discourse sometimes.

But I do it anyway, as things need to be done, but that does not mean I jump straight into it. Instead, I feel iffy for a few days as I get myself to stick to this schedule.

Another reason why this week is strange is like the reason before, I’ve had to make more changes to my schedule, but this time in terms of my youtube schedule. Yet again I have had to make changes to my timetable, as I had warned, but this time it is more to do with the quality of content I was producing rather than my inability to find time or ideas to complete the task, like it had been with the change of three blogs a week down to two.

As I started creating last Fridays video, I realized what I was creating was just not as good as what I know I can do. I kept slipping into performing ideas, not entirely of my capability, partly because I do not have the right equipment and partly because I was prioritizing quantity over quality.

There had been this idea that if I created more content, it will draw people in faster, but that, of course, leads to there be sacrificing the quality of my pieces which is not a good thing. So now, rather than focusing on building up my audience through quantity and work like fan work on shows and people, as I had done before, I am going to focus on what I initially had planned to base my content around.

Books, stories, and poems.

More specifically storytelling of my own and maybe of authors that I love.

The idea of this channel was to stick to creating artwork from descriptions and writing, whether of my own or other books.

I wanted to create speed arts of original art pieces, with a tale behind the pictures, weaved together by me and other amazing writers. I wanted to take published work I held an interest in and create chapter arts as I have done for my own book – the only good thing I can see of the videos I have created so far even if it did not hold an outcome I had entirely liked with the time limit I had given myself. I had forgotten the basics of creating – testing out, something the time limit I had given myself for each video, was not enough.

So I had made the decision to change, hence why there was no Friday and Wednesday video. Now I only plan on posting on Fridays, to give me a whole week to draw my ideas together and create to the best of my ability.

As soon as I decided this, I turned all my electronics off and took out my notebook, starting to jot down many things. Ideas formed as images appeared in my head of stories to tell and many to create, all of which re-sparked my passion for creating art, something I feel I lost over the years during facing trials and peoples lack of care. But now its back and it’s here to stay.


So toon in tomorrow for a creation worth calling a creation of my own abilities, which of course, will always be improving, but I can say I am proud of what I am planning on producing, not what I could say in the beginning.

Want a sneak peak?

Of course not the image as of yet – though I may be posting one later tonight on my personal insta/twitter if I feel like sharing it – but how about the tale I’ve weaved to go with the image? The story behind the picture?

Forever love


With the flower, she stood,

waiting for her lover.

A gift he usually gave,

a symbol of forever.


I stood by the docks, overseeing the sea. Organs played in the background, breaking through the peaceful sounds of nature with their bleak and sorrowful tone. The single tulip twirled in my hand, a purple on to be exact. A signature of our relationship, of our friendship… of our love.

A momentum of forever; a love for eternity.

I know, short but I can’t give too much away

2fab1be7f595a58815389c0ff90ca1fbBut as I said, come back tomorrow for the release of the video and a tale to aid the picture – the first of my own short tales for you to enjoy! And toon in next week as I talk about my experience of writing these tales and much more.

Oh and do not forget to check out my other blog post – on Saturday. A sort of aid for those beginner writers and those thinking of writing a story.


As for now, that is all!

Happy Reading!


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