The Storytellers journey – Chapter 2: Basic Idea and genre

Clicking ‘basic Idea‘, the page flipped to another. Upon it appears to be words of guidance.

Here try and think of a simple one sentence idea, like boy meets girl.

Next write three simple sentences, in the order of beginning idle and end. This will help you visualize your idea for the book, aiding you as you write the book. Knowing where you wish to start and end has helped many storytellers direct the way they wish for the story to go, knowing where they need to end no matter how much twists and turns they need to take to get there.

For example:

  1. boy meets girl

  2. 2) boy and girl are split by conflict

  3. boy and girl unite and live happily ever after.

Think carefully on what you wish to put down. Though this point may seem simple, this is where you draw of your ideas from; it is the beginning of creating the base of your story.beginning of making the base of your story. You want it to be a strong one.

Of course, this may not always end up staying the same but, as stated before, knowing where you begin and the goal helps, even if the path to get from one to the others is not know entirely.

Knowing what is to happen ion the middle helps avoid a blank space. It gives you a midway point to reach to keep you motivated and on the right line.

Additionally, you may wish to start thinking about genre here as it may affect the way the tale will go. As said before, the points for this brainstorm may intertwine as they do now. The genre of a story may help you in creating the middle, the place where action may occur.

The genre of a story may help you in creating the middle, the place where action may occur.

For example, if we take the idea from before say in a fantasy genre, the conflict that could occur is that they are both of a different species. One maybe half-dragon and the other a witch, which in turn leads to people being against them leading to them doing everything in their will to stop their romance from happening. If it were a paranormal genre, it may be their love is blacklisted by a demon who insists on keeping them apart for reasons of his own. If you were to take the book to be a historical genre, the conflict may be a problem of social class and blood; maybe the female is of high class while the boy is a mere gardeners’

Hum… that is interesting, I thought as I tapped the pen against my chin, biting my lip thoughtfully. Leaning back against the futon I mused ideas I could write when more words appeared.

‘Do you wish to start writing? Or do you require some advice?’ It read.

Leaning forward I replied.

‘Advice please’

‘Anything specific you require guidance upon?’

‘The ideas I have… many seem cliche’

‘Ah.. a problem many do come across. Here are some thought processes and the idea some storytellers have put forward to guide those with such a difficulty’ It wrote before the words faded and a quote appeared.

‘When writing remembers this: No idea is a bad idea, especially not a cliché. The title we give that idea is the reason why in its self it is not bad. Cliches are given such a title as they were done so much that it seemed over done. But why were they done so much? As they were liked, for reading and writing’

Interesting… I thought before writing underneath the words ‘Is there anything else?’

Yes,’ the book wrote before another quote appeared.

‘All ideas have been used one way or another, the creative part is piecing together these ideas to create something that may seem new. That is true genius’

That is true… I thought with a laugh.

‘Do you require some more?’ the book wrote.

‘No thank you, I wish to get started’ I wrote with a smile.

‘As you wish, and remember, take your time. You can, of course, change things when you like, but as said before, build a strong base.’


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