Tea Time Thursdays -The good,the bad and everything else (^_^)

Hello, my lovelies! (it looks like we are back with that)


Got a lot to say today, so I suggest, drawing a blanket and getting comfortable; but not before pouring yourself some tea of course.


Let’s get started with this weeks review/preview/round up – (I haven’t really decided exactly which one works better yet)

What to talk on first… how about we get all the negatives out of the way?

Yes, let’s do that!

First, I will not get into much detail about what had happened, but I will say that it has been a bit of a tough weekend. One Friday a family member went to the hospital with a weak heart and I’ve found it been a bit difficult to keep up with completing the content and releasing it as promised, but I have surprisingly, even though it is a bit late. Hence why ‘the storyteller’s journey‘ was posted late on Sunday and why my video was late.

I feel like I should apologize for the lateness but if I do that it is basically be apologizing for taking the time to visit them and… sort of taken in and just feel what I was feeling really, which was something that I needed to do and so I do not wish to apologise as that is not an excuse but a valid reason, I feel.

This has also reflected on this week, making Friday through to Tuesdays difficult days to work, but I am coping and getting through it all and, if technology cooperates, everything will be released on the days I have promised this week. So look out for the Friday video, which will be a chapter art for my book ‘just the beginning’ and a new chapter for said book upon my wattpad account (which you can check out here), as well as Saturday blog.

Well.. now that the negative news is out of the way… let’s get to what I have to say which is the positive news!

I have officially given up on trying to set this Timetable and am admitting defeat!

Let’s face it, that time table is just NEVER going to stay the same. I have just been deluding myself.

I think it will forever be changing with my ideas as they come about, which I have also found with writing these blogs. I am getting more comfortable with writing them, as well as forming new ideas for content!

Which means more for you to read and enjoy! The ideas are just flowing, but I will NOT be writing down anything on the timetable with certainty as I feel these additional blogs will be posted whenever I am having a creative spur.

Though that does not mean the timings I have set for current blogs will change! They will, of course, stay the same, giving this blog and myself a basic structure to follow.


So what have I been up to this week!

Well, I have officially released the first video that holds the proper type of content I wish to produce!

It is called ‘Forever Love’ and does come along with its own short story!

You can head to the speed art by clicking here and you can read the Short story by clicking here


These type of videos in the #PictureWithAtale series are to come along with a short story, a speed art video, and a FREE coloring page up on this website, which you can get your hands upon here!

I can honestly say this has been such a good decision. Even though it can use some improvements, I can say I am proud of this result, something I could not say before.

I put time and effort into this creation and the additional short story, which I managed to get out even with the trouble I had with writing it.

What kind of trouble?

 I was kind of afraid to connect with the character really. You see, when I write, I like to be able to step into my character’s shoes and feel what they feel before I write from their point of view or write on them as it helps make my writing more realistic. But the problem with his is I get too invested then!

You see, when I write, I like to be able to step into my character’s shoes and feel what they feel before I write from their point of view or write on them as it helps make my writing more realistic. But the problem with his is I get too invested then!

I just can’t let go of the character with a short piece. I feel like I need to write a whole novel on the character as the ideas forming are too much for a short piece.

But that cannot be done right now, so I managed to control my urge, rain in the flowing ideas, and do what was needed.

vdayBut who knows, maybe one day I will change this short story into a long tale for you all to enjoy.

2fab1be7f595a58815389c0ff90ca1fbAdditionally… I have started a red bubble store! This first piece up upon there with items such, which you can see by clicking here

Do check it out and leave a link bellow if you own a red bubble store, I would love to check it out! And maybe if you own a youtube channel, also link that bellow! Let’s share and connect!

ca16d76a2decc397630fdd082cc78f35And that is all for now! If you wish to hear more from me, check out my social medias!

Follow me on Instagram – personal, official websites, and my book series.

and on my personal, book series book series and official website twitter accounts and open yourself to a world of nonsense


Happy Reading!


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