Tea Time Talks – I have a valid reason!

*Hides behind a wall*


Yes I know, its been a long while and, I know, I had said there will be more blogs, not a lack of them….

BUT, I have a valid reason! Not an excuse!

A. Valid. Reason!

This year has had a… rocky start to say the least. In turn, it has affected my productivity.

Why? Because of Life, to put it simply.

There have been both good and bad things this year, but like all things in life, the bad outweighs the good, leaving me feeling numb inside.

I have never had to really visit the hospital unless it’s to the kid section for something like an ear infection. But it seems this year, I got to experience more of hospitals than I ever wish to see again. But I know I will have to return back to there again soon…

But enough of bad things!

I’ve had enough of tears and sadness to last me the rest of the year, I think.

So why don’t I do what these tea times are for and get into exactly what has been going on in terms of content these last couple of weeks?

ea6eb3ae938928d859df9ac9783e2488For YouTube videos!

I had also missed a video for last week, more to do with the fact that the piece of art took longer than I imagined to create and so I posted it this week instead.

But in result, I am planning on releasing an extra video this week! Look out for that!

As for the videos, I have posted so far:

No.1: Chapter art for my book ‘just the beginning’


No.2: Dragon tales – episode 2 in picture with a tale series




Make sure to get your hands on the free coloring page Here

Make sure to check out the items available to purchase upon my red bubble  store


In the storytellers journey  this week  I have started on chapter 3 main characters, going through two out of three stages I this step so far, which are inspiration and characterisation. Next week I will be talking about realism so toon I then!

Don’t forget to also check out my book ‘just the beginning;‘ which I post on wattpad

Last week posted chapter 11.5


”Feeling the burn of a gaze, I looked up to meet the misty gaze of Grandams Granddaughter; eyes that almost mirror the likes of an old friend. With her sharp cheek bones and blood red hair, it’s hard to miss the similarities between them. Even with the wild difference of her strange, but suit, streaks. Even with the hollow look in her eyes, a world away from Bella’s joy.

“I think the rest of the questions can be saved for later, ” Maria said, grabbing our attention. 

Breaking my gaze with the girl, I looked over to her as she continued “I think Sage could use a break now. Zero, why don’t you help her to her room”

“That is not needed,” Sage said, standing up abruptly, before making her way out of the room.

What was that about? I thought and I glanced towards grandma with a questioning look.

With an awkward laugh, she said “Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, she doesn’t seem to like bothering other. But still, why don’t you go and make sure she is okay Zero?”

With a nod, he left the room.’

This week I posted an EXTRA long chapter, chapter 12, which took so long to edit!

My browser kept crashing so any editing I did would erase


but I got it up none the less


‘He stood tall and seemingly proud. Passers-by gazed upon him with awe and respect as their smiled their greetings, some taking the time wave flirtatiously as they rushed to class. But he seems in no rush at all as he leant against the aging blue lockers with leisure and comfort. Hands in his blue jeans pockets, with ankles crossed, he flipped his blonde locks to the side as his honey nut brown eyes scanned the hallways.

Walking past his tilted form, I ignored the bright smile of glee which formed on his face as a look of reignition filled his eyes. What for, though, that I have no clue. I have certainly never laid eyes upon him before and doubt he had seen me. But I am sure I am about to find out.

His rough hands reached out and took a hold off my forearm, halting me in my movement.

With a blank expression, I looked up him. His eyes locked upon me. A smoldering looking took over his eyes as he leant towards me. A smile of seduction took the place of his former grin of glee.

“Well, hello sweetheart,” he said in a low, husky Texas drawl. One that seemed to have been practiced and perfected “My name is Jaxs, and you are?”

“Someone who is not interested,” I said, holding my head high as I pulled my arms out of his measly grasp.’

That’s all for now! See you next week lovelies!

Happy Reading!


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