Tea Time talks – Look at me, 4 blogs in one week! (^_^)


*cue imaginary intro music *

And welcome to this week’s tea time talks with me, your host, Rosalina!

2fab1be7f595a58815389c0ff90ca1fbLook at me! 4 blogs in one week! Though I guess it evens out if you take into account me missing last week

My apologies for that, there were many mix ups in order and planning that are all smoothed out now!

I had just gotten some things mistaken in a moment of rush.

And if you missed those blogs check them out below:

  • Kittens (I know its last weeks but I thought I would still include it for that who haven’t seen it as their cuteness must be experienced by all!)
  • Two months in (my first official extra, random blog, as I said I would start doing *Smiles proudly – comes off looking insane* yeah… I don’t really have that good of a smile………..*shrugs* but I do it anyway! *smiles brightly*)


  • and last, but not least, the storyteller’s journey – chapter 4 setting  – part 1: setting the scene (this was one of the things I had got a planning and order mix up with – I had mistaken what I was supposed to talk about in this chapter and ended up planning the wrong thing. By the time it came to post something, It was slightly too late and I was overcome by sleepiness)

and of course, we have this one, like the cherry on top of the cake ^_^

Now on to the youtube content!

I am currently at 9 subscribers! Help be the lucky 10 and I plan on doing some original art giveaways! Though a small number, I am grateful to all the members of my youtube family


In terms of videos, I have officially posted all three parts of the first episode in the reader’s video series!

Check them out here

Now that the storm and silence series is done, any stories you would recommend I check out this month to prep for the next episode? I have some ideas but I would love to take people’s suggestions into mind!

As for the next video I have planned, I have thought of a third series (and the last for a while) that I wish to add to my channel, so look out for that next week    (hint = the first episode will be Ed Sheeran related)


In terms of my books –

I have currently posted one extra chapter as well as the regular chapters, in returns for achieving the goals I have set on my wattpad profile

I have also thought about posting my book up on here for people to read here, but I’m, undecided on whether I should or should not. Comment down below and tell me what you think!

ca16d76a2decc397630fdd082cc78f35I did not post the final extra chapter this week, also due to the mix-up. I had gotten so used to the long chapter streak I seemed to have been on when writing/editing, that suddenly coming across a short one sent me into a freak out as I assumed that I had lost a piece of what was supposed to be. But it turns out I had been mistaken, though I chose to roll it over to the next week rather than posting then as I could not get the time to do the last minute edits – so do look out for that tomorrow!

And for now, that is all!

Do be sure to follow me on my social medias to be updated during the week on what I do and all my nonsense to do with books, art, storytelling, music and much more!

*cue outro music *

Until next blog post then!


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