Important to note…

Hi, guys! I, unfortunately, will not be posting the two set blogs this week (the storyteller’s journey and tea time talks) for four reasons:

1) I want to enter a competition that may not necessarily get me a big prize, but will allow me to advertise/promote my youtube channel to 5000 or so people who are subscribed to the YouTuber who is hosting the competition, so I wish to get a head start on that this week in case I end up not liking what I produce the first time or I change my idea of what I wish to post ^_^ ( also in terms of videos, I do wish to do a giveaway for the support so far, and having reached a fair share of milestones, for which I need to spend time preparing the items I plan to make, which might lead to an extra video if all works well – which means two videos to work on this week)

2) I wish to change up tea time talks as I feel I can do something better with them – more than just mentioning the content I produce and stating some points about the process here or there – this is also something I’ve been thinking very closely on for my other blog posts as well, as I wish to find a way to structure things in a better, more entertaining way

3) I have been delaying editing my book (as well as getting a proper start on the query letter I am supposed to write) as I have not been giving them focus, so I do wish to spend some of the weekends catching up where I need to in that area of my life and work

4) I have recently discovered a website where, unlike wattpad,  I can monetize my content (my stories) and am currently working on researching and preparing possible posts there if I wish to continue with the plans (still got to get over some anxiety/anxiousness of starting on a new platform with something I love (my stories), not knowing what might happen to the product as the platform seems to be quite new in terms of space for writers and stories) I will do a sort of review on the platform once I am sure it is something that might be of interest to you ^_^

I do hope you understand and to those looking forward to the chapters/posts this week, I apologize – but do look forward to that kitten update blog soon, I just need my sister to hand over the photos I keep asking for!


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