kitten update! (warning: even more cuteness!)

Hi, guys! Here’s the update on the little ones as promised!

First going to get the bad news out of the way, unfortunately on ginger kitten has passed on, something we should have expected as at least one of our cat’s kitten does tend to die in the first couple of days, even hours.

But now on to the good beds! Β The other three are as healthy and lively as ever! They are over two weeks now so we’ve started to pick them up and hold them, slowly getting them used to human touch, which they seem to be getting used to fine – the only one really freaking out in the situation is my sister, who insists if we pick them up we will damage their legs as she thinks that’s why 1 kitten from the previous lot our cat gave birth to can’t use one of its legs properly)

Here are some pictures and a video I’ve captured so far

I’ve decided to call the black and white one tabby, as for some reason or I can think of when I look at him is tabby cat, but I have no idea why

We are going to call the ginger one Leo, Β as in Leo the lion, as that’s what he reminds my mom off and he has a tendency to cry…. a lot (thanks to my sister showing him videos of cats constantly meowing) and it’s like his baby roar!

And the last one we are going to call Ace, I think, in honor of its look-alike which passed away. Though this might change later on.



9 thoughts on “kitten update! (warning: even more cuteness!)

  1. gardenlovepoet says:

    It’s wonderful how life can have such beautiful moments and then sometimes having some of it’s sad moments especially when it involves animals who become not even just a regular friend but a life long companion.

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