Youtube Tales: Humanized Rose

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long break in blogging I had some ups and downs with health, as well as decisions to make about my books and short stories, for which I plan on making a proper blog for to inform you of in the future, and it may be worth the read for you writers out there.

As for now, I thought I would get into a new (well sort of new) type of blog, where I go into detail about the creation of my youtube videos. Whether it be about the idea behind a print, any problems I had to over come during the process, anything else I wish to possibly add.

ca16d76a2decc397630fdd082cc78f35I had originally done a similar thing in my tea time talks blogs, which unlike what I thought they would be, turned out to talk mainly about my content. So I decided to stop them for the time being, which I had mentioned on twitter (be sure to follow for updates ^_^) But they may return in the future with different sort of idea, hopefully what I actually wished to do with them.

I am also doing this as, as of now, I have yet to get my hands on equipment and an editing software (I really have a hate relationship with those 😛 can someone download a working one and set up one for me? Ill pay you in cookies?) and so cannot do voice overs to talk about the art pieces so I thought I would try to commit to a blog about them and so here I am- well, here we are I guess

2fab1be7f595a58815389c0ff90ca1fbSo this weeks video had been another competition entry like the previous video. It is an entry for @tsuchronicls drawing contest 2017 for which I had to create a humanized version of an object.

(BTW the competition is still open till the 30th June 2017, so if any of you are interesting in winning $900 of art items, then click here to take you to the official contest page – oh and do comment below your entry if you do enter, I would love to see it ^_^)

I, after listening to the beauty and the beast live action and animated soundtrack on repeat, decided to go with a rose (also, am I the ONLY one that has never heard the song ‘human again’? I seriously don’t remember it in the movie, and Belle was and is my favorite princess! :/)

Now, as for the process of this video, to be honest, I was kind of hesitant to finish it. Why? Well, I had foolishly tried to complete two videos at once last week, which had resulted in an obvious failure with the first one as I did what I always do when I work on two pieces; I rushed it. I really need to remember I am a slow worker, sometimes I delude myself to believe I am fast as a hare.

So as a result of this rush, I had not posted a video last week, since I, of course, ruined it. It now lays toned to pieces, that to my frustration, at the bottom of the bins (if they haven’t been cleared out already). And the worst thing about it? It had actually been looking decent, with a stylic choice I never would have created if not for the rush. But because of that same rush, it had to be at the last minute, when I decided inking in a rush would be a good thing. And so I had drawn out my winsor and newton ink, diluted some with water and brushed it upon my dip pen and started to write. All went well for the first line couple of lines… until I lay my hand upon the wet writing.

*insert gif of me hitting my head against the desk* (note: i have no idea how to create  gifs so please just image it)

There was no saving it after that. I had attempted to make a smaller piece then, determined not to give up…. only for a similar thing to happen again. And again I had liked the style of the picture as well! I don’t really know if I could replicate it.

At this moment I had decided enough was enough. I was just wasting pap[er like that. So I had set it aside and sent a tweet to mention I am not posting a video that week.

So the next day or so past, and for me, it was time to start another piece, in hopes of getting a head start (did I mention I why I was trying complete two videos? Now? Well it had been in aims of knowing the videos are complete so I can focus upon writing a handful of blogs and editing my books – you can see how well that was turning out then)

So of course after these mishaps I was, as I said, hesitant about creating this art work. But I stuck to what I knew and took is slow and steady, staying away from dip ink (which had become a slight problem when inking the process, which I did after completing the coloring as I used a water color base as you can see in the video, and I did not wish to have the ink run with the paint – the problem was that after the pencil crayons are down, they form a waxy layer which it hard for a normal ink pen to lay on color, but a dip pen is faster and can do the job as it can scrape the wax off as then lay down the ink. I had to go around the picture with a sharp tip before I outlined, taking more time)

There was a moment whilst coloring, I had forgotten how to color in trees! Which is strange since I recently did a video in picture with a tale series (dragon tales) where I had to color multiple trees, so how I can forget that time taking process, I will never know. Luckily, the footage was recorded, to I simply had to check out the video. Though nothing ever goes smoothly, and this time the internet decided to have a go at me

b216cc6d3942273b1668655f528c08So discarding that idea, I simply looked at the picture on my website here and tried to imitate the image. I don’t think I completely succeeded, but what do you think? Does it look good or bad? What about the overall picture?

I think I’m going to end this here, or this will become WAY too long (of it inst already :P)

Be sure to join me next week for my new video and blog! I am hoping to create a new episode for my picture with a tale series, so there will been a short story for you to indulge yourself in.

ea6eb3ae938928d859df9ac9783e2488As for now, I must start editing this piece.

So until next time.


Happy reading!

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