Prompt piece ^_^ – Change (#1)

Hello, everyone! I’ve decided, as a sort of a challenge/writing practice I will start doing promote piece. These are going to be where I pick a word, such as today’s word (change) and write a quick piece based on that prompt in any structure. These words will be picked at a random and won’t be a daily thing but will be something I will try to put up often as this will be a sort of creative warm up, I feel, for my day.

I would love if you join in in the comments! They don’t need to be more than a  few sentences.


As for now, let’s get started!


It comes quickly at times,

sometimes welcomed, sometimes not;

At other times it comes to slow,

when you need it a lot.


Its a part of life

Sometimes good, sometimes bad;

At a point it n, ed to happen,

even if it makes you made.


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