Prompt piece ^_^ – Memories (#2)

I wasn’t going to post on today, but I thought I may as well since I need a warm up befoe I write the last of the storyteller’s journey (I have three posts left so look out for them!)

If you are new, these prompt pieces for me are a sort of creative warm up. These pieces may transgress into bigger pieces or may remain small but as for now, they are what they are.

ca16d76a2decc397630fdd082cc78f35I so hope you can join in in the comments whether with a short poem, with a flash fiction or even a paragraph if you prefer, based on the prompt piece.So fragile

Note: some may be posted on twitter, so if you do own a twitter account, leave a comment down bellow and I will tweet at you, as well as maybe leave a follow!


Such fragile things, that define us.

Without the ones I carry, there would be no me.

Such powerful things, but easily lost.

Without the ones we carry, maybe we wouldn’t judge what we see.


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