The storyteller’s journey: Chapter 5 – Structure.

Returning to the library, I tucked myself back under the covers, ready to get writing once again.

‘Hello Storyteller, what do you wish to work upon today?’ the book wrote.

Hum… I thought as I tapped the pen against my lip.

How about the beginning, middle end (conflict, climax, resolution)…

Upon clicking the words, the pages flipped. Once relaxed, more words appeared

‘Here are some points to keep in mind when working on the structure of your tale:

The beginning:

  • here it is imporant to introcduce the main character and any other important characerts.

  • You should also set their goals, the setting and introduce the main conflict.

  • Keep in mind not to fill the beginning with an overload of information, it can all be shared throughout the story so its not necessary to keep it

  • Keep in mind the mood and tone you set at the beginning of a story should be consistant throughout the story

  • Here you may also want to start introducing the conflict of the story – a story without a direction is hard to follow so it is important to establish what this is clearly. The type of conflict can veary depending what they story genre is and where you wish to go with the story. Sometimes conflicts can arise from themes in the story as well, such as if a theme is good vs evil, the conflict can be between a hero and a villan.

The middle:

  • here the main events and conflicts should start to occur

  • there should be an increase of tention until the climaz of the story, creatuing an emotional build up.

  • Remember: the climax is the motional high point of the story, where event are the most intense

The end:

  • here the conflict resolves

  • make sure to leave the reader satisfied that there is an end, even if they do not like the way it ends.

  • Your conlict of course, does not need to have a positive solution all the time, a negative can still be an end as weel, sucha s what happenes in tragedies.

  • If you have a single book, not series, it is imortant to end all ties at the end – avoid leaving any lose strings. However these lose stings may be helpful if your story is part of a serial. But do not leave too much that each book in the series does not leave the reader staisfied and the book cannot stand alone.’

Interesting… I thought as more words appeared.

‘Would you like to read some more, or jot some notes?’

‘Write some notes please’


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