Youtube tales: Broken phone, missed time and fan art

This week’s video wasn’t really the one I wished to produce, but it turns out as one I didn’t mind doing.

I had originally planned to create the next episode in the picture with a tale series, eager to write another short story. But like all things in my life, something must go wrong.

I had thought I would take off Sunday to visit my brother in hospital and attend my brother’s birthday party, which was being conducted with my cousins at their house. There I made the mistake of handing my phone, which I record my videos with, to my sister (who keeps insisting I didn’t, even though she had replied, twice, and said she would). Don’t really know why I did, when I know nothing of mine is safe in her hands.

Don’t really know why I did, when I know nothing of mine is safe in her hands.

So of course when I come back, from helping my aunt with stuff in the kitchen, I returned to a missing phone.

b216cc6d3942273b1668655f528c08I didn’t say much at the time since they had started cutting the cake then. But when it was found, I  wished I had tried to find it, since when I did finally gert my hands on it, it had coke (the drink) spilled over it.

I originally didn’t know what to do, but when we arrived home I placed it in rice and, thankfully, it had survived. But that ment for three days I couldn’t record, so there just wasn’t enough time for my original idea, so decided to do something different.

I changed my idea to some quick fan work, that could also act as an additional gift for my friends birthday, for which I will be currently celebrating as this goes up – also another constriction of time and why I changed the idea. Usually, I wouldn’t mind recording until Friday and into the night, if I am late on a video due to one problem or another, and then I would post the video Saturday morning. But I had taken on the responsibility to host a birthday party for an old friend, as our group of friends couldn’t meet up anywhere else but there, due to strict parenting.  For some lucky reason, their parents don’t seem to mind me,  even though half of them haven’t really met me

2fab1be7f595a58815389c0ff90ca1fbThe fan art (for the show Miraculous Ladybug) did not take long, thankfully, as I had thought it would. I think It took a total of about two or so hours, which is really short compared to my other art, which might take up to six hours to complete sometimes.

I quickly drew up a simple sketch, with an attempt of drawing Chibi characters.

vdayThankfully, it turned out good, though there are some evident mistakes in my eyes, but I doubt my friend will take notice of them.

And that is all for now! I really need to be getting going

ea6eb3ae938928d859df9ac9783e2488Make sure to check out the video here – be sure to leave a comment or a like if you like it, and subscribe to see more!



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