Prompt Piece – Wings (#3)

She tested them out, lightly. Bone cracked and yawned with each moment, as if unused for so long.

Even though they only grew yesterday…

The shiny, clean feathers, seem a world away from her tattered, mud splattered self. As if they belonged on the shoulder of rich royalty, then the likes of her.

But they are hers. There is no denying that.

She can feel where the bones and skin merged to her back. She can see the brown feathered wings reacting to her mental instructions as they moved up and down.

How am I going to explain this to mum?!


Hi! I hope you enjoyed this short piece! (^_^) 

Haven’t done one of these for a while, due to haveing a lot to do, with my phone breaking, a change of plan and a birthday party to host – and let’s not forget the never ending book I am currently editing

2fab1be7f595a58815389c0ff90ca1fbI do hope you participate in the comments bellow, whether with your own short story, paragraph or poem



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