Youtube Tales: Stupidity and reasoning :p

Click here to go to the video of this week where I draw Chibi versions of the characters from ‘The Syrena Legacy’


Why do I always try to do more than what I can? Because I think I can of course. And surprisingly? I did it just that… though it did mean I am a little late on blog posts this week, Sorry!

*smiles satisfactorily *

As I had tried to do before, I attempted to create more than one video. Though I did do something differently this time. I did not put it in my mind I needed to complete the videos this week. Instead, I out it in my mind, I am just getting started on videos,  but I only just have to complete one.

And somehow, that worked. And somehow, that resulted in one video completed,  one and a half edited, and 2 and a half recorded.

Though I did have many problems, like always; but this time I refused to stop creating.

The original video I had planned to upload this week, now going out in two weeks time, was a kind of fail, but I refuse to stop without having a decent piece to show (and even then I think I will still show to video, as who doesn’t want to see people fail?)

vdayThis week and the next, I am, as you can tell, posting a two-part episode from a readers view series, where I take people writing and create artwork based on it.

a readers view border

This week I am working on ‘The Syrena Legacy’ By Anna Banks and I WILL be posting a review on it soon (*screams nervously* my first proper review!) it should be out tomorrow.


(yes I know that picture is bad :/, it was taken in the dead of the night, where I rushed my work as I had misread some dates and I needed to return the books the next day (well that day, by that time) and so I had not paid attention to the darkness and shadows until I looked through the pictures after I had returned from the library where I had just dropped off the books 😛 meaning what I had was what I had – I do promise to work to get better at taking those picture as even thought I was tired that was fun to create with all the little pieces and artworks included)

It is all planned but, like this blog,  I had put the writing on hold due to the fact I was working on multiple videos as well as the fact I have now decided to write a short story every week along with prompt pieces every now and then (which you should check out and join in with if you like – they are more fun then I thought they would be!)

This week’s video, I am drawing and coloring Chibi characters – with an intro that took decades to edit  (and it was only 11 minutes of footage to shuffle through ) but I seem to have an inability to talk straight and clear.

You can find the coloring page here – which will also include the coloring page for next week’s art as I had already shown it in the video so saw no point of not posting it.

I have not posted the final pieces on Red bubble as with chibi art, I seem to always smear something, which does not look entirely good. But next week’s art should be uploaded, and I would love if you guys checked it out! Maybe even purchased something small, like a sticker! I can so with the financial support right now. I am currently trying to save up for an art tablet to expand into digital art, for more clearer and better quality work, I feel would do better on stuff to sell.


As for now, I think that is all (^_^)

Now I need to sleep so I can get up six hours with a fresh mind to tackle this book review.

Oh! Also before I go, do remember to follow me on my socials or subscribe to my youtube channel to be notified about the up and coming give away!

I know I have been talking about it for weeks, but have yet to post it but I have been switching between things to give away, but now I have some form of idea of what I wish to do which might be of your interest! So look out for that soon!

As for now, Storyteller out!

(Like the new sign of?  happy reading was getting a little old and that fits right in! (^_^))

(Also, apologize for any spelling mistakes, I cannot seem to detect anymore as of now, but I know, with the way I type, there will be something I’ve missed)



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