youtube tales: back in time

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Hello to the old and new readers! Welcome to this week’s Youtube tales. I hope you enjoy!


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right, let’s go back in time to when I was creating the artwork for this weeks video!


This is going to be a little short, that to my mom dragging me around, from shopping to cooking, to installing a new refrigerator which requires removing draws and doors. So a whole day has gone to doing that, so there is a day full of work I need to catch up on.


So this week’s video had been the last part of episode two of  a readers view w series, a video I had miraculously finished last week along with the first part which is both good and bad 😛

I had not meant to finish it last week, but I had not been able to sleep and after realizing a big mistake of mine, I kind of refused to put the art down, or I felt I would give up on it entirely.

What had been the big mistake? I had accidently used an ink pen, of a brand I had recently started using, that I had forgotten to test with water.  And so when I had decided to use water paint on my already lined work, the ink started to bleed.


But like I said, I refused to put it down and continued to finally get the piece to where I am happy. Though there are places where I felt there was more I can do, I could not change anything more with the current skill and art supplies I have. Its one of the reasons why I am saving up for an art tablet, as mistake such as the one on this pice would be easy to fix and clean up.

But as for now, I felt I should leave the art where it is, so I don’t actually mess it up any more than I already have 😛

The worst thing about this mess it thought, I had actually liked the inking of it, which is rare since I usually mess up inking a piece, specifically with things like hands, but I didn’t find these do bad

vdayBut I will always have its coloring page, if I ever do with to re color it, maybe with that digital tablet instead 😛

You can also get the coloring page here, along with last weeks chibi art for your own personal us. Just follow the instructions below the art and that free page will be yous

ea6eb3ae938928d859df9ac9783e2488This is is also up on Redbubble, mainly upon smaller items as the writing would often get cut on bigger pieces – Something which I really need to stop doing. I think I might plan the sizes of the piece from now on, around the sizing of red bubble.

And that is all I have for now! I have a lot to catch up on and so I am going to get to it ^_^

Make sure to check out the links

Also don’t forget to check out my first book review, which I created based on this series ^_^

I would love to hear what you think of it!

and as for now, Storyteller out!



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