Etsy – New store! ^_^

Hi, guys! Just a quick blog post before I get back to my final week of editing!

I have given myself a week to finish editing my book,  write a  cover letter and synopsis and send off to a literary agent I have in mind!

So some of the content I produce will be being pushed aside, or into next week, such as my youtube channel. But it’s all for good cause!

This also means I may not be posting as many blogs this week, but I do wish to inform you quickly about my new Etsy store!

In a way to help earn money for my drawing tablet – since my channel on  youtube hs been effected by the ad rate drops – I’ve decided to start selling some items there, along with my art of red bubble and deviant art


On Etsy, I will be focusing on selling hand made items, such as key chains (some are currently up), book marks and original art,  both physical and digital!

Now that I think about it, it maybe a funny way to also sell short stories along with the art word 😛

There is not much on there, as of now. But I will be posting a lot more items after the giveaway I am working on (which involves my original art and future products) goes up and is completed.

I currently do have three handmade key chains up though, which I would love if you could check out!

Click here to go to the store!

As for now, this storyteller is out!

Good bye!


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