Youtube tales: Announcement and Give away!

Yes! It is finally here! After months of me saying I would do one I finally got this giveaway up and Done!

Check out the video  explaining and showing the prizes here

As for what I shall include in this blog, it will be a bit more detail on the announcement and some on the giveaway I may have missed in the video. Like, for starters, how long this giveaway shall be going on!

I shall be holding it for a month and a few days. So on June 26th I will stop taking entries, and on the closest Friday, I shall be releasing the results of the giveaway along with another video ^_^

why am I holding this giveaway?

Because I reached the goal of 100 followers on insta and twitter (now 300 on twitter and almost 200 on Instagram >.< – 30 followers on here and 500 views on youtube which I am well over now :P)

As for the announcement, if you haven’t check out the youtube video yet, I am planning on doing a month (from 23rd May to 23rd June) of videos every business day on youtube, inspired by Jamie jo from BannnaJamana. I thought the challenge would be fun, especially after I send off my book to agents. So subscribe to my channel to be notified about that. 🙂

youtube vebd 1

I will try and include a blog with each video but don’t take my word for that 😛 especially when it comes to live streams such as the one I plan on doing tomorrow of my workspace. It will be a small one that will allow me to discover how live streaming on youtube works and such, and if it doesn’t work, you’ll still get a workspace tour, just a prerecorded one.

As included in the video, I am giving away original art pieces, of which that are up to grab are the following:

Make sure to comment or reply with three art pieces you wish to get your hands on. Why? Because if there is a case where two people have picked two people with the same first pick, the second person I pick out will get their second choice.


Check out the video for a closer look at the items such as the handmade bookmarks for you to get your hands on



Click here to enter the giveaway on youtube

Click here to enter on twitter

Click here to enter on Instagram

as for now, that is all! until next time.

Storyteller is out!




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