The Mercy Series (Rebecca Lim) Book review (^


(There may be some spoiler, you have been warned, though I will attempt to keep them out 🙂 )



Genre: Paranormal ya Fantasy Mystery

Number of books:  5 

noun: mercy plural noun: mercies
  1. compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.: “the boy was screaming and begging for mercy” “the mercies of God”.
  2. synonyms: leniency, clemency, compassion, grace, pity, charity, forgiveness, forbearance, quarter, humanity, soft-heartedness, tender-heartedness, kindness, sympathy, liberality, indulgence, tolerance, generosity, magnanimity, beneficence
  3. antonyms: ruthlessness, cruelty
exclamation: mercy
  1. used in expressions of surprise or fear.: ““Mercy me!” uttered Mrs. Garfield”.

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Book 1: Mercy



Mercy wakes on a school bus bound for Paradise, a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business… Or thinks they do. But Mercy has a secret life. She is an angel, doomed to return repeatedly to Earth, taking on a new human form each time she does, in an effort to resolve a cataclysmic rift between heavenly beings.

In Paradise, Mercy meets Ryan, an eighteen-year-old whose sister has kidnapped two years ago and is presumed dead. When another girl is also taken, Mercy knows she has to act quickly and use extraordinary powers to rescue her, even if it means exposing her true identity.

An electric combination of angels, mystery, and romance, Mercy is the first book in a major new series.

Book 2: Exile



Longlist, 2011 David Gemmell Legend Award

An electric combination of angels, mystery, and romance, EXILE is the breathtaking sequel to MERCY in a major new paranormal romance series.

There’s something very wrong with me. When I wake up, I could be anyone…

An angel in exile, Mercy is doomed to return repeatedly to Earth, taking on a new human form each time she does. Now she “wakes” as unhappy teen Lela, a girl caring for a dying mother but never herself.

As her shattered memory begins to return, Mercy remembers Ryan, the boy she fell in love with in another life, and Luc, the angel haunting her dreams. Will Mercy risk Lela’s life to be reunited with her heart’s true desire?

An electric combination of angels, mystery, and romance, Exile is the second book in the spellbinding MERCY series.

Book 3: Muse



An angel in exile, caught between lives … and loves

Mercy is an angel, exiled from heaven, and when she wakes in the body of nineteen-year-old Irina, Mercy discovers that she′s one of the world’s most infamous supermodels on the verge of a very public breakdown.

Against the glamorous background of Milan′s opulent fashion world, Mercy continues her increasingly desperate search for Ryan Daley, the mortal boy she remembers falling for in a past life. But this time, Mercy′s memories and powers are growing ever stronger – and she begins to doubt the pleas of her dream lover, Luc, as more of her mysterious past is revealed. Are Luc′s desires as selfless as her own or does he want her for a more terrifying purpose?

The grand scale celestial battle for Mercy′s soul builds to an incredible stormy crescendo as archangels and demons clash in a cataclysmic showdown that not all will survive …


Book 4: Fury



Hell hath no fury like an angel scorned…

Heartbreak. Vengeance. Truth. Betrayal.

Everything that has happened to Mercy over millennia has made her who she is. Now she and The Eight wage open war with Luc and his demons, and the earth is their battlefield.

Ryan’s love for Mercy is more powerful than ever, her guiding light in the hour of darkness. But the very love that sustains her, now places Ryan in mortal danger.

Two worlds collide as Mercy approaches her ultimate breathtaking choice.

Hell hath no fury like Mercy …



First: can we talk about how beautiful these covers are?

And these are just the UK versions if what I read is correct. Check out the US:

mercy serie completa



Now, this is usually the point where I describe the characters looks and such, but I feel I should leave that all to the writer who describes how her character looks with such depth and dedication, I feel there is no need for me to do so.

But I will post a short extract on the main character for you to get a hint of how she does it.

Main characters:


  • Described as:

‘ I look sixteen. Sometimes I even feel it.

Me? The real me? I’m tall. Though I only have a sense of that.

I’m pale, like milk, but I never get sunburn. Don’t ask me how I know this, seeing as I don’t seem to occupy any physical space at the present time,. Bu I just know.

My hair is brown. Not a nice brown or an ugly one, just brown. It’s weird but it has no highlights. It’s all the same color, every single strand straight, even and perfectly the same. It hands down just past my shoulders and frames my face nicely, which is over and okay, I suppose. I have a long straight nose, lips that are neither too thin nor too wide, and perfect eyesight. I can see for miles through sunshine or moonlight, rain or fog. Oh and my eyes? They’re a brown too.’

  • Doesn’t know her real name
  • Frequently placed in humans but doesn’t really know why.


Ryan Daley:

  • In love with Mercy
  • Could be Lucs twin
  • Black hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Tall
  • Broad shouldered
  • Snake-hipped
  • Dressed in jeans top and a leather jacket he first met Mercy in and refuses to give up (#swoon)


  • Hair  of gold  cropped close
  • Sleek winged brows of darker gold
  • Pale eyes
  • Golden skin
  • Tall
  • Broad shouldered
  • Snake-hipped
  • Flawless (not that I think so)
  • Mouth always in a shape both cruel and amused
  • Long and lean
  • Eyes  as pale as living ice
  • And more of a  looker than a thinker 😛


Things I loved:

  • I liked the way each book in the series begins,  with Mercy drifting, lost in an empty space as she talks to herself, wondering where she will go next (though reminds me much of the first Pokemon movie opening – but that kind of makes it more epic 😛 )
  • Love the character description in these books. So detailed, and thankfully  repeated in each book – helpful since there are a lot of character to remember (also helpful to someone who wishes to draw them like me!Like the description of characters)
  • Love Ryan and Mercy’s relationship, even if in the last book it seems a bit all over the place – like they fight  would and she keeps insisting that she needs to leave him, but nothing really changes between them
  • Love that the angel posed as a Muslim character, even if his actions are quite negative sometimes – at least in terms of what is good human behavior and not in the  perspective of a whole as the angels always see (makes more sense when you read :P)
  • The love between Ryan and mercy seems a little too fast – only two weeks or less and he is willing to follow her around the world
  • So much good images to draw! Scenes are just perfect and visually appealing for someone who wishes to draw more – I think someday if I ever do re-read this book I will create more art on it – but for now only what I have – I would do them now but I feel I wouldn’t be able to do the pieces I have in mind justice with the equipment and skill set I have right now
  • Opening love its repetitive style – reminds me of something from Supergirl or flash


Things that were ehhh… in my opinion 😛

  • It was a little difficult to understand at the beginning – because of the mystery to it (and I’ll admit it was so late when I started this book – my anxiety wouldn’t let me sleep so I lost myself in this  book to help :P)
  • Never does explain whyRyann and Luke look alike
  • Kind of annoyed with ending – I would have loved to see an epilog to see what happens after for her and Ryan, his parent’s response and such
  • So sorry for Lauren
  • Kind of predicted paul’s involvement though
  • Hate that there is such a value on looks in the books though – and it’s not just a vanity thing its overall – looks are important to her it seems.
  • Sad we don’t find out her real name – begins with a ‘H’ – and why is she only girl
  • Would love to have seen more of Ryan’s sister


Fav moment

  • When Ryan stupidly jumps out of Uris arms thinking that mercy is dead – This guy is really a ride or die when he cares for someone

He’d rather be dead because he thinks I must be fall like a stone through the sky

  • Love the scene where Ryan’s in the bath and everyone barges in on him and starts talking about changes as he screams asks what is going onvday


Fav quotes

  • Though I don’t like Luke I agree –

‘memory is power… mercy’

  •  this sounds doctor who ish

‘Death is everything’s final limit – franklin

  • Her argument on free will

‘You’re wrong’ i say ‘uriel, too. Humans exercise free will each and every moment of their waking lives. How do you think Ranald died? He chose to kill himself, which has to be the ultimate expression of one’s free will – the freedom to destroy oneself’

  • When Ryan sees her tears

Are those for me? What happened to the hard ass I fell in love with?



One word – mystery, slow

One sentence – defiantly a book to stick with till the end,  and once you do you won’t regret it 🙂


  • Have you ever been so tired you don’t understand what you’re reading but you read it anyway? Yeah, that was me with this book – but you read it anyway as it is too exciting and when you leave the book it’s all you can think about and you can’t sleep 😛
  • Honestly, I feel sorry for the people who had to wait between books – i think this is a book good read overall because I got my hands on all of the series – but if it were a singular things – I don’t think I would have liked it as much
  • I couldn’t find much on the author which is a  little annoying. I can’t help but feel when reading book that touch religion it is nice to know the writer’s background
  • Slightly predictable – yet not much
  • I like no actual interaction with God, it was weird enough for me, a religious person, to think of Angel in such a way as the book does, romantically.  Especially since the book stick close to the original angels.
  • As I read the second book what happened in the first is starting to make sense as the mystery is unfolding


Spoiler alert – but it must be said:

  • Why does everyone portray death as such a good character – strangely my fav?
  • Justine and Sulaiman – the otp I will wish for even if I know I will never get it


Would I recommend it?



(Note: after writing this, and on the day of posting, I realised that there are actually five books in the series and not four – the fifth was published around the time I read the books but I never found anything on the book release whenever I searched up the series name or author’s name ( I literally only saw it today, i.e the day I publish this, when looking the series up on good reads for a link) – hence why even though I have not completely read the series, I have doing a series review other than an individual review and such)


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