Youtube tales: cheep acrylics and art fails

day 2 thumbnailCheap art supply challenge: acrylics (Pokemon fan art fail)

Hello readers (^_^)

So I finally decided to play catch up on the last couple of blogs I have missed 😛 and by the last couple I mean almost four weeks of blogs 😛

My apologies for that.  I had not predicted video making to take so much of the day really. Though it really wouldn’t have if I hadn’t experienced technical difficulties as well as wifi problems. For some strange reason, the wifi here keeps fuzzing out every five to ten minutes.

* sigh*

But this month is almost over! so I decided I might as well play catch up and soon I shall have written all that I have missed.


Do note that I am going to avoid talking much about the videos where I have done real time – since they do involve me talking – but if when watching, I feel I may have just been confusing, I shall be sure to write up the post. So get ready for a whole load of blogs 😛

if you are new and just passed upon this blog by chance or slight interest, welcome! in these youtube tale blogs, I go behind the scenes of video making and clarify things I have talked about, and maybe made confusing by my inability to make sense at times.


In today’s blog, I am going to be talking about the cheap art supply challenge I did. Though I talked in the video, I had filmed it really quickly, and so I had missed some things out. So I thought why not add a short blog talking about it. But do check out the video for the images and art piece. Some of the fails I have placed somewhere that I cannot find them and so cannot post full pictures of them, only small screenshots taken from the video.


To start off, know that this video is all over the place.


As mentioned in the video, I had first bought these paints to do a video like my attempting oil paint video, where I tried to use oil paints for the first time. But as I got into the art, I realized I have actually created a piece using acrylics for my final in my art exam. But though I had known at the time there was a difference in paints, I had paid little attention to such. And so I would treat paints all the same in their application, other than watercolors since those we were actually taught… well partially taught.

But I ditched that idea after a comment on my Instagram post previewing a behind the scene shot which questioned if this was a cheap acrylics challenge. And then there and then I decided I would change this video to a cheap acrylics challenge. After all the paints were one pound each and are non-branded.

Then I started on the video, after creating some Pokemon fan art line work as I wished to create some Pokemon art for a while but hadn’t been able too. I saw this video as a chance to do two at once. But it soon became apparent I wasn’t going to be able to do it this time as well…

As I got into the art problems started to occur, leading to three attempts to create art which are the following.

In the first attempt

I drew a Pikachu with a Pokeball:

  • I failed as I did not pay attention to the ink of the pen I used, which bled into the paint.
  • I didn’t blend paint properly,
  • I didn’t use enough water, as I thought they would not need them, making the paint streaky and thick to work with.
  • These paints are awful to create a wide range of colors with – I tried to make brown and it didn’t work
  • I did not pay attention to the fact that I cannot a paint brush steadily and so had gone over my line work and ended up covering the line art – then I had attempted to redo the outlines with the paint and,  again, lost control of the brush.


In my second attempt

Pikachu with a  flower on head:

  • This time I remembered a trick from on of the videos I watched – and that was to mix the paints with water which made the paints less streaky and lumpy, making them easier to work with
  • This time I also worked on blending with a dry brush,  which did the job.
  • this was also going well until I over did it with the paint – then there was no going back and the picture just looked too creepy to continue 😛
  • Instead, I stopped and shifted to the last art of the video

3 (1)

Last attempt was asuccess (^_^) because I ditched the Pokemon fan art idea


  • In this final attempt, I decided to ditch the Pokemon art idea, and stick to something I am more familiar with – roses.
  • This one defiantly turned out better then the others
  • I focused and worked on my blending with a dry brush and added a good ammount of water to the paints so they were not as streaky and lumpy.
  • though this is not entirely as I wished for it – it was good
  • I had some trouble with the background – I had originally wanted and tried to, paint it blue – But then I ruined that as I started to add any loose colors to create a patchy effect.
  • At first, that patchy effect had looked good, but like in the last art, I over did it 😛 – the paper started to break away as I forgot my small a5 mixed sheets are not as durable and think as my a4 ones, which I had used with the previous two pictures, but not this one  as I did not want another piece to go to waster, and I thought maybe having a smaler surface to cover, would help me focus and create a good peice
  • in the video I do a small slide show, I was so into the painting process I lost track of time and created such a long clip that it refused to transfer 😛
  • redid the background with black and gray once it dried – looked good but I wish I had don’t more
  • 😛


As I edited this video, I decided I would add the fails anyway, since in art you get both successes and fails. No need to hide one while only showing the other. So I added all the art process into the video, so do check it out!

More to note on the paints (in case you end up getting your hands on them):

  • these pants are defiantly vibrant and I think I will end up using them gain, after all, I have them now 😛
  • I feel I just have to learn to use  to the best of their ability specifically and figure out what I can and cannot do with them which will only come with practicing more
  • I do wish though, that I could create a more range of colors – hopefully, I can get my hands on some better quality ones in the future which will help create better art.
  • also, these paints would release WAY more paint than I need or am trying to get out which is a problem since then there is always paint left behind which is wasteful :/ I have yet to figure out how to stop that



Final note – on editing:

I wish this was edited better,  but it had been something I had to quickly throw together when my workspace tour did not work out as all the clips did not all transfer.  And even if they did, the clips were too shaky to create a decent video :/


 And that is all for now I guess.  do make sure to check out the video and the free coloring page available here  for the first Pikachu art.


and that is all for now!

this storyteller is out!


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