Youtube Tales: Full pencil art and idea process (^_^)

Full pencil art (and idea process – vlog style)

full pencil thumnail

Hi guys! I am back with a catch-up blog of the behind the scenes of the video I posted for VEBD (video every business day) 😛

I had planned to work and post at least one every day, but the last couple of days have been busy with people coming in and out of the house, as well as trying to work on a collab video at the same time and planning/implementing some new ideas new editing tactics for more stylized videos.

But don’t worry, I plan on getting back on track with these blogs hopefully before we get too deep into July.


Now on to the video of the blog – my first full pencil art video!

Now, this was a funny video created! It had come about in a spur-of-the-moment kind of way when I wasn’t in the mood to do anything planned. At the time I had just wished to draw whatever came to mind with a few reference images. But as I went along I randomly decided to add the vlog style idea process/sequence you see at the beginning of the video, which people seem to have really taken too.

This is one of the things I hope to implement in my later videos as this was just one style of forming ideas. I thought it would be fun to showcase multiple ideas in future videos to present how I am inspired to create. though this isn’t something that happens for all my art, as I have multiple ways of getting ideas, (and sometimes I will already have an idea in my mind before I set down to plan) it is definitely something to look forward to. I think I will defiantly try to do this more though since this sort of spontaneous picture was fun to do 🙂

Also, as I mentioned, I had gone into this video not really wanting to create anything that I had preplanned and I had had no idea of what I had wished to do. I had only known I was leaning towards something music based. Hence why you see me drawing music reference images in the videos along with anime art for inspiration – anime style art because I tend to draw in that style and was in the mood to do something of that style rather than realism or any other style.

So to start, after I had gathered the images, I had created a sort of mood board, something they used to tell us to do in art class when I was in secondary school, but I had never really understood why till I created this video. 😛

Why that is? Becuase, as I mentioned befoe, I have multiple creations/idea processes, one of which is simply already forming an idea in my mind not because of art but because of stories or thoughts I’ve had today, which makes it hard to make a mood board thing with as they weren’t exactly images. And I don’t think I was allowed to copy and paste short extract and such, as forms of inspiration.

In the end, this is the mood board ( I am calling it this but I am not even sure this is what they should  be called 😛 ) I ended up with:

full pencil art ideas

In the video you can see, I had changed the art to grayscale as it helped with noting shadows and shades which I can replicate with pencil since that is, of course, gray scale 😛

I really enjoyed this process of a full art I one medium. I am so used to sticking with using multiple mediums as one can over the flaws with the others, it kind of became a safe zone. One of the reasons for doing these full arts was to explore the mediums to the fullest, something I held of from when doing mixed media. I simply stuck with the basics of each medium, using them to compliment each other rather than stretch them.  It was a way to kind of avoid wastage of both time and resources.

Overall I love this piece, there are definitely points where I can improve, but that is with all my art 😛

one of this thing I definitely wish I could have done differently is the butterflies. They were just too simple in my opinion. and too cartoonish.

thumbnail_scan30052017190928_0031.jpg     thumbnail_scan30052017190928_003.jpg

But I loved the flowers,  something I have more experience drawing and shading.


This was definitely a relaxing and interesting video to make.  I think I want to do more of this but in a more of a realistic style. 🙂

Editing wise, this video was late in the making. At first, it refused to transfer and I couldn’t figure out why! Then my battery decided to start dying on me, which meant I could only make four videos that week.  But thankfully that was the only bump in the road.  It was the only time during the month I actually missed a day, but I made up for it with an extra video at the end of the month. Though I had originally planned to put the extra video at the end of that week, it seemed not possible, hence why it was moved.

and that is all for now! I hope you enjoyed, sorry if this seems a little choppy, I am working on a short story as I write this as well, due for tomorrow and so I need to hurry!

I hope you enjoyed!

Now and this storyteller is out!




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