Youtube Tales: Mariv Arts collab!

The little Alien (half and half collab – past) (PWaT EP5 2017)


Hi! guys! I know I am supposed to be playing catch up on blogs but I felt I needed to post this before I continue, to go up with the actual video, as if I do it later the thoughts won’t be fresh 😛

As you can tell, today I am going to talk about the BTSs of my first ever collab with Mariv Arts! and Yes, I noticed I spelt and said the same wrong in the video – I don’t know why I did that though, since I kept referring back to the video, but it seems my mind just mixed up the letter still :/ though that is not unusual for me 😛 its why I hate reading out loud. in long passages, I tend to mix words from three different sentences into one.

Also, note – sorry about my nails in this video – one hand is done in black henna and the other in brown/orange. Also, I told my mom to do my right hand since that is my dominant hand and I don’t have much control and strength in my left hand and she overlined my nails, saying that it made them look bigger. I told her not to that, as she was doing them but she continued doing it anyway as that’s my mom, never one to listen to suggestions 😛

Now back to the art. Before I explain how to collab works, I thought I would talk a bit about my collaboration partner.


Mariv arts is an artist I have been following on youtube for a while now, who creates amazing watercolor and mixed media pieces. They do a range of fan work that is interesting to watch and their personal style is my all time favorite! They inspired me to stick with my watercolors and I have gotten to a stage when I can actually produce a piece that looks decent! Along with this their editing skills have inspired me to step up my game with editing, so look out for more stylistic videos!

But as for now, go watch the heck out their videos, and don’t forget to like and subscribe! You won’t regret it 😛 instead, you will be thanking me for introducing you 🙂

So make sure to click here and check out their channel!

Now, about this collab! This idea came about after we threw some collab ideas around. Mariv arts showed me an example video of a collab she would be interested in doing which is this one:

In the video, they do a half and half style collab – this is where each artist has created one version or side of something. In the case of the video, it is above and bellows sea. In our case though, it is the past and future of a character.

As we talked about this collab, I suggested that we lean towards a story idea, as I am a storyteller and my channel leans towards all types of storytelling. So we decided to create a short story through a sequence of putting one sentence forward, then the other continues it and so on,  until we had each given four sentences each, and had come to a sort of conclusion.

The story we came about then was the following:

  1. The little alien came to earth by accident.
  2. First, she was lost but then came to learn how to blend in with human society as predators hunt her down.
  3. The people that lived around that area said that amazing and extraordinary things happened there for like, no reason, and thought that these things were done by spirits.
  4. They were a superstitious lot, the main reason why she settled around there – anything going wrong as she learned to settle was not read into much.
  5. People said, that sometimes they could see a thing glow in the woods at night.
  6. Others say they can hear music not of this world, drawing them into the depths of the woods, where no sane person would wonder.
  7.  And the scent, a scent so sweet that could only be compared to million roses, but to the surprise of the tourists, who have heard the stories, no roses could be found growing there.
  8. At least, none there dared to walk further into the forest to find some for fear of disturbing the sound, until one man arrived, too curious to stay away and to drawn to the mystery to pass over it


When creating this artwork, as you can see in the video, I had tried to work on an A4 sized paper, but halfway through I realized I used to much paper and shifted back to my A5 sheets. Because they are small, it forced me to use a smaller brush, which doesn’t use as much water; meaning less chance of running my work.

I feel I need to go over water control better before I work on doing large watercolor pieces unless the large piece is filled with small details. It is only when I need to cover a large surface do I lose control of the amount of water I have put down and overworked the paper.

I think I may work on such in a sketchbook video soon! So look out for that!

Before going on to the smaller version, I scanned the sketch and shrunk its size before printing on a setting that is the appropriate size for my card. It took a couple of tries, but I got the right size and did my usual transfer of screen.

At first, though, I was trying to avoid starting against. Deciding to put the larger piece aside was a bit difficult, to say the least 😛 I didn’t want to waste paper, and I am a strong believer that anything in art that you think is wrong, can be fixed and made right. But the piece was not going in the right direction with the paper breaking and creasing, as well as the fact that the colors I used where blending and creating another color since I hadn’t waited and created layers.

So after telling myself, I need to do better for the other artist, I used the first attempt as a proper color trial – something I hadn’t done before as I thought I had the colors clear in my mind, but they obviously weren’t clear enough. 😛


When thinking on how to edit this video, I was slightly confused. I wanted to kind of stylized this video, and include an extract to a surprise addition to this collab – an extended short story I created based on our quick back and forth story (for which you can find here (coming soon))

But after talking to Mariv art we decided to each implement half of the story outline we created with our back and forth in the video and so I went with that instead.

More on that extra short story!:

pwat b

As you can see in the video, I decided to place this video in my picture with a tale series – a series where I create original art to go along with original tales. And so as, as I’ve said, an extra to this collab, I decided I would create a two-part short story. Part one is of ‘the little alien‘ when she is a child, as represented in my art, which should be on Vocal (a website I plan on doing a review on soon! so look out for that) soon. There is a twelve-ish hour run through a period of sorts, where they check if the work has been copied and meets their standards.

Part 2 to the tale, I shall be posting after I have watched Marvis arts video, and I shall use their art as inspiration for this part! It should hopefully be out in two to three days (I try to remember to come back to link you guys to it :P)


And that is all for now! Phew! that was a lot! Haha

Do make sure to check out Marivs art video as well as mine! And be sure to check out the story behind the tales!

I shall be back with more catch-up blogs soon! but as for now, this storyteller is out!






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