Youtube tales: Monster hunters

Monster Hunters – Dragon Squad (PWAT series Ep4 )

Hi, guys! today I am going to talk about my first digital art video – but my second attempt at it.

I know, I know…. I said I was waiting to do digital arts until I got my  tablet, and I would try and do a series where you could watch and learn along with how to do some digital art, viewing both, my fails and wins, but I was REALLY  in the mood to do some digital art and so I did  it 😛

It was really a kind of ‘spur-of-the-moment’ kind of thing. I saw someone had done some digital art that looked really good, on their phone, which was a lower model than mine and I thought to myself ‘I want to do that, so I should stop complaining about phone size and do it’ 😛

Though don’t get me wrong, I hadn’t not thought to do some on my phone before, I had actually tried to create digital art on my phone before and this was what I had created:


But the process had been more time consuming and difficult since the phone, though bigger than the average phone, is still too small to add details on without adding a tone of time. Also, the pen is also very small and thin, and since I press hard when I draw, it always feels like I am going to break it.

But after seeing her work I really wanted to do some, so I tried anyway.  The result was something decent and a little bit of neck pains 😛

Originally, this wasn’t supposed to be a video. I had just been planning to mess around and thought why not try and record what I was doing, and so I quickly downloaded an app that allowed me to record my screen (you can see the water mark in the video 😛 )  and after messing around with the way I drew, I managed to get  some decent footage.

But because of the length of time I took, and the time I had since I had to produce a video every day, this video ended up in two parts.  One where I created the sketch and one where I colored in the piece.



For this first video, I had started off recording it wrong. Instead of recording as I drew horizontally, I did it portrait. But once I realized where I was going wrong I quickly fixed it, hence why in the video I flip between both at the beginning of the video.

I had worked on line art in this video, which was difficult. I thought in real life the difference between my sketch and line art was wildly different and nothing could match it, but then I experienced it in digital art 😛 and realized I was wrong. THIS is the true meaning of wildly different. There was a  lot of cleaning up to do with line work.

(Note: I had actually added the dragon in at the last moment since it seems no matter how much I attempt to keep something not fantasy based, it is just not  possible…  *Sigh * anyone else experiences this?)


In the second video, as said before, I colored in the piece which was a bit difficult since I had no real idea of what color pallet to chose. In the video you see me shifting between a few choices.

Over all the final piece has many improvements to be made, but as a second attempt, I think it is a good try ^_^ Hopefully, before I get my next digital art urge, I manage to get my hands on a digital tablet of a larger scale 😛

Now, as for the tale. This tale had come about in a similar manner to the video, in the spur of the moment. I hadn’t thought  much on but ideas  kept rising as I drew the piece, leading me to place this art in the picture with a tale series

This tale had come about in a similar manner to the video, in the spur of the moment. I hadn’t thought  much on but ideas kept rising as I drew the piece, leading me to place this art in the picture with a tale series

pwat b

It has now slowly gone from a picture with a tale episode to a  full blown idea in my mind which I kind of wish to put as a side project as I write the second book in the Perfect Balance series, but that is a maybe. Depends if I have time really. Since I am starting uni soon.


Maybe it shall one day be a full fledge book, up on the shelves of a book store in the future!


As for now, why not check out the short story at  Vocal down below?

Read the story here! (^_^)


“Remind me why we took a short way again?” Keith said as he ducked, moving back from the swipe of the chimera’s paw.

I looked at him from the corner of my eyes, unamused, as I took another strike at the beast. Horn and sword clashed. He threw me back, but I managed to nick the side of its face as my sword slid away.

Someone preferred to take the shorter way” Charm bit back as he dodged the dragon head’s flame.

“Charm, switch,” I said as I avoided a near hit from the goat head. He obeyed instantly.

“Oh right. Why did you suggest that again Goldy?” Keith added as he aimed an arrow at the lion head’s eye. The beast roared in pain as his weapon of choice hit its bullseye.

“Don’t blame me for your foolish mistake, human” Charm hissed as he scratched at one of its wings.

“Hey!” Keith protested “don’t pick on my race Lizard.

“Oh my apologies May, I shouldn’t insult your whole species, Keith does that enough by existing.

I sighed as I drew my sword back, lifted my fireproof shield.

Those two will never stop fighting, will they? I thought as the chimera cried in pain as I drew my sword across its tail, drawing cold, thick blood.


ps: how is it that I’ve only just realized that I can include videos by just copying and pasting the link???

p.s.s: also I know I said I was going to try and complete all the blogs for my videos in this business month, but I feel this might be my last one. Why? Because I have started work on book 2 in my series the perfect balance series, and my newborn sister has also come early meaning WAY  more responsibilities than normal, as most of my family is with her and my mom at hospital as she is premature, and as so time is limited and in that time frame I can barely manage to get what needs to be done done.  😛 And do I feel this shall be the last catch up blog, and instead, I shall be focusing on writing blogs for the new videos going out. My apologies if there was anything you were looking forward to >.<



Prompt Piece – Play (#9)

Press play for the rest of our lives.

Press play and let’s start all of the time.

Press play and let’s unpause get unstuck, start moving, to a better place for us.


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