Youtube tales: Boku no hero academia (plus ultra!)


Hi guys!

Welcome to today’s youtube tales, in which I will be focusing on not one but TWO videos again ^_^ This is because both the videos work  together, though they are not specifically in a ‘part one and part two‘  formats

This is because they are both for the show Boku no hero academia – or the English name,  my hero academy


In one I do a  character study of three characters I wanted to draw, while in the other you see me creating the official fan art in water paints. Each can be watched without the other. But I had felt since I wanted to try and study the characters first, I might as well record it and create a video out of it. which was a good thing since it had taken longer than I had predicted and so I would have been without a proper video one week if  I hadn’t  😛

So like I’ve done before, I shall talk about one video and then the other ^_^

Character studies

boku no hero academia

Going into this art piece, I thought creating fan art would be easier since you don’t necessarily have to think of the entire piece.

Boy was I wrong.

It takes long!

The reasons why I found, are multiple. One, is because I am copying something and so have to shift my time to time, increasing time spent on the sketch.  Two, is because, at first, if the images I drew did not even look slightly similar to the characters, it felt like I had failed, and so I stressed over getting them as close to the originals as I possibly can.


Though near the end I gave up on this, due to the fact it is difficult to copy someone’s style down to the T for me, and I would do better if I try and format my own style into the piece naturally, rather than suppressing it.

(I am starting to think this is why no Pokemon fan art I create ever looks right in my eyes 😛  )

In turn, the sketches turned out better than I had expected,  so that’s good.

I had drawn the characters (in order from right to left) Izuku Midorya, Todoroki Shotou, and Katsuki Bakugou. THey are the characters I was  most interested in when thinking about this fan art piece

Also, in the video, you shall notice some images stuck to one side of the page that I no longer use near the end. Those were there because I was planning to do some in-depth studies of the characters in action poses, but I had messed it all up. The method I had taken to do so  is the box method (where you grid of the image, helping you focus on one aspect of the  images at a time to help you create  depth  – a great way to practice drawing, both of real life objects and of not) but I made the mistake of STICKING them down – when I shouldn’t have.

So I excluded those.

Plus there was also the fact that the box method takes a while to use since it is an in-depth study, hence using it would have taken more time. and as I mentioned before, I had already taken long with the normal studies of the characters.

So it was out of the question.

Now as for the editing: I want to apologize for the audio in this video – it all messed up. There were children playing in the house and I didn’t realize that the phone had picked up the scream until too late

Another problem with this video was the lack of monetization. Youtube just wouldn’t allow it, which doesn’t make sense since their reasoning was that I had audio swapped clips? But that would mean the original clips I merged together should have been un-monetizable as I did swap  audio in them where the phone picked up songs that are copyrighted, that play in the background as I draw – But that wasn’t the case! It was still monetizable.

I had also tried to redo the video, switching out any audio clips with other audio but it still did the same thing :/ I just couldn’t figure it out. In the end, I just posted the first edit of the video and left it at that.

Make sure to check out the video here:



The colors in this piece are not exactly like that of the characters but I tried to get as close as I can by mixing different shades and colors together to produce the closest shade I can.

Overall this piece is defiantly one of my favs, even if it is slightly wonky and the color set down could have been better (some of the colors did not even show up) 😛 I shall be keeping those in mind when using water colors next  ^_^

and that is all for now!

I would write more, but I really need to get on with writing book 2 in the perfect balance series – I hope to have the majority of the first draft finished before I start uni in the fall 🙂

So this story teller is out!

Make sure to check out the video though!

And also make sure to check  out the red bubble items with this image on  such as stickers and note books here

Anything purchased from my online stores will go towards my hopes of getting a digital tablet for some digital art!



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