Prompt Piece – Goal

It seems like a ridiculous thing, to feel so down, to almost give up and then get right back up again, running down the same path you’ve slowed down on many times.

But that’s how it works.

That’s how to get down this path.

It’s not one smooth run.

Sometimes there are things being thrown out you. Sometimes there are people standing in the way. Sometimes the path gets too rocky and you have to climb.

And sometimes, in moments like this, it’s your own thoughts that slow you down, decreasing your speed, making you look at other paths, or worse, at the way back.

Not because you want to, oh no.  It’s because you feel like you can’t go on anymore. Or because the path before you gets so foggy it doesn’t seem like you can reach an end, that you can reach your goal.

But you will.

Because you will always stand up.


You’ve made it so far. You have to prove it. Prove that you can do it. Not only to the ones that said you couldn’t but to your self.

You’re going to reach that goal and make the run you’ve done count.


Remeber to join in in the comments with your own response ^_^


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