The journey to freedom



They roam amongst us,

Some obvious,  others not

They’re called the Storytellers,

a hopeful, creative lot



There it is… I thought as I looked up at the building before me. It stood tall and proud, overshadowing the town around it; an ever constant reminder of its leadership.

Like the suppression isn’t enough.

The dark, one sides windows gave a creepy sense of being watched, which we probably were with all the cameras they placed, attempting to catch anything and everything. Nothing must be loose of their control; nothing like me…

I bit down a smile as I pulled the collar of my copied uniform closer to shield me, watching the workers of ‘The Puppeteers’ as they passed by, yet to notice the, almost, intruder.


My thoughts mulled over in worry.

What if they catch me? Now that I see it, their shade of blue is not as dark as the material I had made this knock off uniform out of, so what if… I mentally groaned.

There goes my anxiety. My breath hitched but my clenched my fist.

No, I must do this. Think about the Freedom Rosie… the freedom you will never get unless you do this.

With a deep breath, I marched forward, mimicking the pace of the stern-faced soldiers around me, who spewed out of the tall dungeon. The home of the rich; while I am Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. The poor being me, of course, being deprived of the joy of my dreams.


A figure bumped into me. I froze looking to the overly large male who jolted me with wide eyes. He turned to me slowly.

This is it, this is them find me out…. I haven’t even entered yet! What a sorry excuse is that!

I’m going to die before I reach nineteen. I am going to be stuck as an eighteen-year-old ghost haunting the world, looking for a mediator to help me pass over; a mediator like Suze Simon… But then again, that probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. She would have more courage to deal with this than I. The thing keeping me here would obviously be this unfulfilled mission… yeah maybe this is for good. She could do it and would do it without fear. And Jesse can help her with it, of course. But that’s only if, of course,  the man wasn’t just walking away like nothing had happened. He did not even glance at me, turning to face his friend behind me than actually look down at my average height.

Oh… that was nothing. What was I worried about? I thought as I stood up straighter, pulling down the uncomfortable inform. The white button up shirt and neck choking tie are a clear example of how much these people hate the world. It makes sense why they walk around with looks of death upon their features.


“Are you going to get a move on?” A voice said beside me. I yelped turning towards the voice, dipping my head down slightly as I made sure the fake mustache and large framed glasses hadn’t suddenly disappeared or fallen from my face.

Hey, it may be a cliche but it’s a good enough one that I could think of in the short time between coming here and finding the tale of the secret society. The excitement, like always, sent me into a speed to achieve a task, without actually fully thinking of what is completely needed. Of course I thought of a brief outline, but actually taking the time about the small details?

Nope, nada, nothing!

That might be the main reason for why I am now standing here foolishly, rather then heading into the elevator, where I would get on alone and open a secret keyhole at the bottom of t obvious button, where I would insert the spare key left behind the old fool who attempted this task for anyone else idiotic enough to take a dive at the task of finding the key to the Storytellers domain; which would lead to a secret underground cave to find another key to this domain. It is also the reason why I am now facing the CEO of ‘The Puppeteers‘ with fear embedded in my vein, turning me into a statue.

When will I ever learn?

“Well?” He said simply, looking down to me, probably a peasant in his mind, as other watched the scene with amusement for the little runt that stepped in his path. He bore a sleek, fashionable suit, with his aging hair sleeked back in a similar pattern of his forefather, the previous CEO. In his hand is a diamond-handled, polished walking stick; an item that would cost my life ten thousand times over. He gazed upon me with displeasure and disdain, sparking a little suborn anger, that always seemed to fail to be dimmed by my anxiety.

But bite it down Rosie… no need to get caught now, at least get the cave first. Then you can get caught. At least then you would have achieved something on this dangerous mission…

I nodded quickly, turning and getting out of there, right into the lion’s den.


He Said nothing more as I disappeared into the building, holding my awe in from the amazing architect of the building. Heading in I held up the security card I had retired from a rather drunk uncle on his recent visit.

Who would have thought having family within ‘The Puppeteers‘ would be a good thing?

They waved with of with a single scan, the security guard looking alert but bored. He barely glanced down upon my form as I headed off towards the elevator.

Looks like I didn’t need that invisibility cloak of Harrys as I thought I would.

The book I had found had stated that this building had been built directly above the last known cave that held the meeting place to find a key to the Storytellers domain; a pen weaved with magic for the creator that when waving is said to bring out a book that would be lead me to my freedom.


Standing behind a pillar, I acted as if I was busy, using some left behind janitors tools to my advantage. My eyes trained upon the elevators. It does not seem that many are using them. It is not long before no one is around them, many already slipping into their meetings of cubical to focus on work. Taking my chances I moved towards them with an even pace. Eyes glancing around the room.

No on is paying attention but… the feeling of eyes upon me is one I can’t shake.

Maybe it’s just the feeling of the building carrying inside… I thought as I managed to catch an empty carriage. Slipping in, I closed the doors before getting to my plan.

Taking the key out from behind my top, I unstrung it from my necklace as I felt around the bottom of the button keys.


According to the book, the last fool who had attempted it had found that ‘The Puppeteers‘ had kept access to the cave bellow, only known to higher officials. It had been an attempt to track any other Storytellers and find a way of using to key to access their domain, but do some reason they had failed. Instead, the room down below is left to rot, the key unused and waiting… waiting for someone foolish enough to attempt to get it.

The Storyteller had also spoken of the failed attempts before him, but they all lacked something that I had.

Family against me.

While I continued to peruse a life of freedom, they let their strings be pulled while trying to string me up as well. But that wasn’t going to happen. But like all bad things, I have learned to find a way to get an advantage out of this as well, almost like a bright side.

I know the basic timetable to the employees of ‘The Puppeteers‘.

How else would I have gotten this far?


I now have exactly 50 minutes to get in and get out. While down there I should be able to escape through a secret exit, which is only recorded with the exact pinpoint of an entrance, but no address for an exit, only notes of it having one.

I’m sure where ever I land it will be safer than here… I thought as I placed the rusted key, before turning the key. There is a small click. The elevator started moving. I smiled.


I’m here. I thought with glee as the door opened.

Though this has been quiet- no, no worry. I just need to get the key and get out.

With a deep breath, I head out with determination.

The metal floor beneath me dissipated. Instead… instead I found myself on concrete. Looking down I found a dissembled path leading to a turn in between rocks.

The book hadn’t said anything of this… but then again no one got this far and came back to say much of it.

I followed around the bend only to find myself in a brightly lit cave.

Just like the tale had foretold.

Smile, I walked further in. The place looked like a destroyed temple, with discarded piece of equipment here and there. Probably from ‘the Puppeteers‘ attempts to get control of the key. But that didn’t destroy the beauty of the place itself. Even half destroy, the stone pillars and platform raised in the middle of the cave gave off a gleam of life as they held up the item from which the light is erupting from.

A pen.

One also known as the key to the Storytellers Domain.

Yes… I thought with happiness as I took the steps up to the podium.

Too easy.. way to eas- Shut up!

The pen called out to me as I got closer, the voices getting louder. The spoke of… tales. Some I read in the library, others I have yet to read and many I wish to write.

Reaching over the podium, I reached out for the delicate but powerful item. It is simple in design, something that could pass off as junk for someone who did not know of its value.

And it’s almost mine. The Key to all my dreams; the door to all my tales.

I took it in my hand. The light flashed. There is almost a moment of… indecision. From the pen, that is.

How strange does that sound?

But that’s what it felt like as the lights flashed. I watched in anticipation as the flashes dimmed down in voltage as it seemed to make its choice.

And it chose acceptance.

“Well, well, well. Looks like what we have here” a familiar voice said behind me.

I tensed.

Way too easy…

Find out what happens next in the first blog post on Mind of Mine


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