Youtube tales: Boku no hero academia (plus ultra!)

  Hi guys! Welcome to today's youtube tales, in which I will be focusing on not one but TWO videos again ^_^ This is because both the videos work  together, though they are not specifically in a 'part one and part two'  formats This is because they are both for the show Boku no hero academia - … Continue reading Youtube tales: Boku no hero academia (plus ultra!)

The Mercy Series (Rebecca Lim) Book review (^

  (There may be some spoiler, you have been warned, though I will attempt to keep them out 🙂 ) Genre: Paranormal ya Fantasy Mystery Number of books:  5  mer·cy /ˈmərsē/ noun noun: mercy plural noun: mercies compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm.: "the boy … Continue reading The Mercy Series (Rebecca Lim) Book review (^

Youtube tales: cheep acrylics and art fails

Cheap art supply challenge: acrylics (Pokemon fan art fail) Hello readers (^_^) So I finally decided to play catch up on the last couple of blogs I have missed 😛 and by the last couple I mean almost four weeks of blogs 😛 My apologies for that.  I had not predicted video making to take … Continue reading Youtube tales: cheep acrylics and art fails


Saden Jackson

“It’s not a profession honey, its a hobby” 

Everytime I hear that, my blood boils a little. I try to be polite to my mother who wants her girl to grow up and choose a path with financial stability and settle down with a partner as soon as possible. Maybe that would’ve been ideal 30 years ago when she was young but its not for me. I don’t care to find anyone special in my life, I don’t want kids ever, I don’t want to choose a profession I won’t enjoy. I want to be happy doing what I love but its not a job to my family, to Norway. Its a hobby that turns people into alcoholics or complete shut ins.

I’m sick of hearing that!

The country adores its authors and many creative talents, but don’t support them financially in any way as they do with many…

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