Prompt Piece – Glass

The shattered shard glistened in the light as they clanked together to create an uneven harmony.

Beautiful and deadly.

Their sharp corners lay untouched as they rested in the corner of the door way; too high for someone to touch, but low enough that they could be admired.

The reflection of light bounced over the room with the sparkle of a rainbow.

So broken but perfect in their new shape.

An old shattered mirror, now a new wind chime.

A work of many hours slowly deliberating idea after idea of what can be created with what once was not worth it in someone’s eyes.

A habit of hers that she never let go.

No, not when she was young as she worked to turn the neighbour’s crushed flower beds into a frame of flower petals beautifully preserved to create something new.

And not even when older when she got her hands on the more deadlier broken items that people turned their eyes away from.

Now if only she could do the same for her self.


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Prompt Piece – Goal

It seems like a ridiculous thing, to feel so down, to almost give up and then get right back up again, running down the same path you’ve slowed down on many times.

But that’s how it works.

That’s how to get down this path.

It’s not one smooth run.

Sometimes there are things being thrown out you. Sometimes there are people standing in the way. Sometimes the path gets too rocky and you have to climb.

And sometimes, in moments like this, it’s your own thoughts that slow you down, decreasing your speed, making you look at other paths, or worse, at the way back.

Not because you want to, oh no.  It’s because you feel like you can’t go on anymore. Or because the path before you gets so foggy it doesn’t seem like you can reach an end, that you can reach your goal.

But you will.

Because you will always stand up.


You’ve made it so far. You have to prove it. Prove that you can do it. Not only to the ones that said you couldn’t but to your self.

You’re going to reach that goal and make the run you’ve done count.


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Prompt piece (^_^) – voice



I feel it wanting to call, but there is no sound

I feel it in my throat, attempting to crawl out, but it no longer can.

Right now, on this ground.

Right now, with no strength to stand.

I have no voice; no reason to rejoice


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Prompt Piece – Play (#9)

Press play for the rest of our lives.

Press play and let’s start all of the time.

Press play and let’s unpause get unstuck, start moving, to a better place for us.


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Prompt Piece ^_^ – Run (#8)

Run, run, run,  but I will still catch you… I always will…

His words played in her head; a constant never ending tape on reply.

Run, run, run, but I will find you… I always will…

It was his final warning, as she made her final leap. From one land to another, over the gorge of death; over the fear of falling; over the impossible.

Run, run, run, but I will get you… I always will…

From one life to another; from one time to another. He never left, he never stopped.

Run, run-

“No! Now it’s your turn to run!” She screamed stubbornly, as she lifted the ready weapon “Now it’s your turn to fear


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Prompt Piece ^_^ – Mercy (#8)

Show them mercy,

even if you don’t want to.

Show them a different way,

then the one they are jumping on to.


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Prompt Piece – Alive (#6)

Breathe in, breath out.

That’s what she used to say…

Breathe in, breath out, know you’re alive.

I remember sitting on the couch as she ran her hands through my hair, lovingly.

Breathe in, breathe out, and know you’re alive. Breath in, breath out, and know that there is a reason worth living.

She would have made some hot chocolate before I arrived knowing, like a sixth sense, that I had a bad day.

Breath in, breath out, you’re alive. Breathe in, breathe out, and know that there is a reason worth living.  Breathe in, breathe out, and know you’re doing that for a reason.

She always knew the right words to say, the right way to say it, even if she had to keep repeating them, to keep reminding me.

Breathe in, breathe out; you’re alive. Breathe in, breathe out, and know that there is a reason worth living. Breathe in, breathe out, and know you’re doing that for a reason. Breathe in, breathe out, and find that reason.

But now I thought she wouldn’t need to say those words.

I had breathed in and breathed out.

And I had finally found my reason.

But what to do now that reason is gone?


Wow… I don’t know where that came from 😛 I am really enjoying these pieces (^_^) I love that most of them end up forming bigger ideas in my mind like the prompt piece ‘wings‘  did, for which I actually have written a short story for which you can check out HERE

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Prompt Piece – Life (#5)

With all life, comes death

it is a cycle forgotten,

sometimes until our last breath,

but it is never unwritten…

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