Wings – Short story


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“Every being has a beast inside of them that will come out one way or another. Sometimes it takes the gift of kindness to turn that around”

They says its the words of the old
but it never fades from their mind,
a time for a better future,
a time better for all kind.
The one born without wings will fly,
the one born without wings will bring a better time;
She is the savior of all people,
the one who won’t wait for mountains to move, but will take the time to climb.
They say it’s the words of the old,
But they are words never forgotten,
Hoping their new daughter
is the savior of the world, they have brought her in,

She tested them out, lightly. Bone cracked and yawned with each moment, as if unused for so long.

Even though they only grew yesterday…

The shiny, clean feathers, seem a world away from her tattered, mud splattered self. They don’t belong on her, but on the shoulder of rich royalty; on the shoulders of those who are above most, as a mark of their birthright.

Yet, they are there. Attached to her. There is no denying that.

She can feel where the bones and skin merged to her back. She can see the brown feathered wings reacting to her mental instructions as they moved up and down.

How am I going to explain this to mom?!

Two hours earlier

Muscles tensed, she lay in the shadows of the forest. Her skin and clothes, splattered in mud, aided her in blending in. The sound of animals surrounded her, playing their song in a strange, natural harmony.

She shouldn’t be there, not unless she wished to face the death penalty. But even to not be here, did not guarantee safety. At least here, she can attempt to avoid both routes. Here, the death penalty would only come if she failed.

Which she refused to.

It has been two weeks since proper food has arrived in the dry rocky ground upon which the village of Rusticus had come to form on. The Royals, forgetful as their pitiful war raged on, did not remember to send down the weekly ration.

Or more like did not even care to… the girl thought bitterly.

In response to the dwindling supply over the last two weeks, chaos occurred. Children’s stomachs cried, as the elders fell to the floor. Chores piled up with the lack of energy. The threats of the guards increased every day, not taking a liking to the so-called disobedience.

The people tried to heed them, as always, but it had become impossible as a storming heat covered the village.