#Inktober Chapter 11: Run




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Update: why I haven’t been posting much lately (book, blog, give away and Youtube!)

So sorry for the lack of posts!

I have been busy the last week and this one.


Becuase I am trying to finalize my book, cover letter, and synopsis!

I have had enough of long weekends and slow pace so I set myself a challenge to finish it last week and, as with every time I set myself a time limit, I have gone over it 😛

But I plan on definitely sending it off this week.

I am close to finishing it, and I think I would have gotten it done if my anxiety and health hadn’t beaten me down last Friday and Saturday. But I am not giving up just yet!

So that is why I have been lacking both blog posts and videos.

But don’t worry, they will be back soon, along with a giveaway and a surprise next week, fingers crossed >.<

So do look out for that.


As for now, I need to get back to the editing.

So this Storytellers out!

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kitten update! (warning: even more cuteness!)

Hi, guys! Here’s the update on the little ones as promised!

First going to get the bad news out of the way, unfortunately on ginger kitten has passed on, something we should have expected as at least one of our cat’s kitten does tend to die in the first couple of days, even hours.

But now on to the good beds!  The other three are as healthy and lively as ever! They are over two weeks now so we’ve started to pick them up and hold them, slowly getting them used to human touch, which they seem to be getting used to fine – the only one really freaking out in the situation is my sister, who insists if we pick them up we will damage their legs as she thinks that’s why 1 kitten from the previous lot our cat gave birth to can’t use one of its legs properly)

Here are some pictures and a video I’ve captured so far

I’ve decided to call the black and white one tabby, as for some reason or I can think of when I look at him is tabby cat, but I have no idea why

We are going to call the ginger one Leo,  as in Leo the lion, as that’s what he reminds my mom off and he has a tendency to cry…. a lot (thanks to my sister showing him videos of cats constantly meowing) and it’s like his baby roar!

And the last one we are going to call Ace, I think, in honor of its look-alike which passed away. Though this might change later on.


Important to note…

Hi, guys! I, unfortunately, will not be posting the two set blogs this week (the storyteller’s journey and tea time talks) for four reasons:

1) I want to enter a competition that may not necessarily get me a big prize, but will allow me to advertise/promote my youtube channel to 5000 or so people who are subscribed to the YouTuber who is hosting the competition, so I wish to get a head start on that this week in case I end up not liking what I produce the first time or I change my idea of what I wish to post ^_^ ( also in terms of videos, I do wish to do a giveaway for the support so far, and having reached a fair share of milestones, for which I need to spend time preparing the items I plan to make, which might lead to an extra video if all works well – which means two videos to work on this week)

2) I wish to change up tea time talks as I feel I can do something better with them – more than just mentioning the content I produce and stating some points about the process here or there – this is also something I’ve been thinking very closely on for my other blog posts as well, as I wish to find a way to structure things in a better, more entertaining way

3) I have been delaying editing my book (as well as getting a proper start on the query letter I am supposed to write) as I have not been giving them focus, so I do wish to spend some of the weekends catching up where I need to in that area of my life and work

4) I have recently discovered a website where, unlike wattpad,  I can monetize my content (my stories) and am currently working on researching and preparing possible posts there if I wish to continue with the plans (still got to get over some anxiety/anxiousness of starting on a new platform with something I love (my stories), not knowing what might happen to the product as the platform seems to be quite new in terms of space for writers and stories) I will do a sort of review on the platform once I am sure it is something that might be of interest to you ^_^

I do hope you understand and to those looking forward to the chapters/posts this week, I apologize – but do look forward to that kitten update blog soon, I just need my sister to hand over the photos I keep asking for!

Tips for editing, from an unprofessional writer ^_^

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaghaghaghaghaghagh editing *sigh * something that comes with both good and bad things. Though it’s the time for development and fine tuning of your piece, its is completely time-consuming and sometimes my gut instinct can get in the way. But at the end of the day, what’s done must get done, especially when it’s a step up to the goal you want to reach.

Now, I’ve been editing my work for years now, but I will say, as mentioned in the title, I am no professional at it. But what I can do, is offer is some tips on how to stay focused and get ish done.

But before I start, just to be clear before we go further into the scene, know everyone’s editing styles and views on editing are different. Some people prefer to rewrite their drafts until perfect, while other prefer to simply reread and make changes as they go along. Different things work for different people. So it may be that all these tips may work for you, or maybe only some will.

So Let’s get on to the tips, shall we?

Number 1: Styles of riding

As I have mentioned before, some people may like to re-write their pieces when editing (as I do – it helps me personally get my creative flow going, we well as pick out mistakes better as I am focusing on each word as I type) while others may like to simply read through and pick out their mistake. Some people may choose to do both as it helps them. Everyone’s style is different and it’s important to find your own system and no one, but you can do that. Other styles can be to listen to your work (I used to us google translator to do this, but only for final touch ups) whether out loud by themselves or from a close friend. Another way is setting friends or family to read through your work and help you pick out mistakes you may not see.

A smaller tip I can give you here is to not start editing straight after having written the piece. You are more likely to pick up mistakes your missing a few days after you have written the work, then immediately (I suggest at least wait a minimum of three days)

Number 2: Don’t focus on speed

I know one of the things I struggle with is the speed of editing. My pace is slow as this process is where I add all the characterisation, fix problems in the structure of the tale, pulling out wasteful chapter and much more.

While doing this one of my fave YouTubers (ii superwoman ii) started writing and editing her book, and as I watched her work with speed and efficiency, finishing editing in a matter of days, I felt bad about the way I work. I felt I was too slow and simply wasting time. After this, I had tried to speed up my process, but I came to a problem I hadn’t expected.Whilst trying to speed up my process, I ultimately made a sacrifice of something which my gut kept pointing out to me, on a subconscious level, but I kept ignoring. It was the quality of my pieces. I would speed through them and the end result would feel off like they are not quite finished and I simply just wasn’t happy with it.

It was then I realized, though it does take me longer to do my work, it shouldn’t feel like such a problem as it is with that time I can produce something I am proud of and that’s just the person I am. Though this doesn’t mean that there aren’t improvements needed with my process, it helped me relax and focus on getting something done rather than worrying so much about how fast I get it done.

Number 3: set timings and target

I think the most useful advice someone has given me when it comes to editing to set timings. Now, this advice isn’t like the one many writer repeats and that is to always take time, or find it where ever when ever to write. No, this advice is to simply set yourself a limited time to work, a time for which you can’t pass over and seems a little constricting. Why? Well, for me it’s because when I know I only have, say, two hours to get something done, I focus and get it done, while if I know I have all day to get something done, I am bound to let myself get distracted as I feel like there’s so much hours for which the work will get done, getting it done now is not needed. This of course is a problem. I found when I set that timing of two hours, the urgency to get it done with gets the creative flow going and the determination to get it done in that time will make me ignore all else and get the work done. It is also helpful when I set an activity that has to be done after it, such as a show to watch or dinner to ear, as it helps focus more as there is something to do after, not sparing time.

Now I know some of you, as I did when I first heard this, are going to reject this idea, not feeling like it will help, but give it a try sometime. You never know, it might. Don’t reject it straight away.

Number 4: Targets.

I feel it is also important to set target the work you do. When I work, I try to always complete at least one chapter every day. Why? Because I know when I focus, it is the minimum I can do in a day, anything less is me being lazy or procrastinating. It is also only one chapter as, as mentioned before, I can spend the time focusing and ensuring the quality is good. That doesn’t mean I will only spend one day on some chapter, sometimes chapters do take longer, simply because they require more thought to them

Number 5: Distraction s (hunger/cravings, thirst, people, and phones)

Another important one. One thing I always think about when procrastinating, is food. Or sometimes I will get random cravings while I’m work, or feel the need to bit into something, so I always try to keep a snack with me. It will stop me from getting up when I am on a roll and also, as someone who needs to multitask to work, eating and writing/editing is a god combination for me.

Make sure when writing you keep hydrated. Once you get into your pace of work, if you are like me, you can never predict how long or short they are and may often start to feel thirsty. Having water with you will keep you in your chair focused and avoid distraction.

Also, when editing, make sure to have your phone turned off and, if you can, mention to your family to not disturb you, whether it’s to call you, or even to enter the room to get something. Anything as such of causes a disturbance and lead to you forgetting your line of thought.

Number 6: Change of environment

Sometimes this can be helpful. I know when I am stuck in the same place for a month, since editing does take long, I start to loose the flow as my brain gets too comfortable and needs a change to get it jump started. This can be as simple as turning the lights on and off or changing your workplace. Other things I suggest doing, maybe moving things around on your desk (or at least cleaning it, if you like me), changing the chair you sit on or changing the position of your desk and much more.

Number 7: Music/background noise.

Music if often something people use as back ground noise to help them write or edit, which is a good thing, but here are some suggestion to help make sure it does help

  • Make sure the piece you are listening to is from one artist, such as an album – this will help as a change in rhythm and such can cause a distraction You want the background noise to help but not completely draw your focus with the constant changes.

  • Make sure it goes on for a while – having it suddenly stop and needing to change it is an obvious disruption to your focus – maybe try things on playlists, or, as before, an album on repeat (I often go for Disney parade music but on a low volume – they are often 15 to 20 minutes long and if I put them on loop then I don’t get distracted.

  • Don’t listen to anything you haven’t heard before, or a song that you art used to the lyrics of or your focus will be drawn to them.

I know it’s a little late but…

…For this world book day,

I just wanted to say,

thank you.
Thank you to all the books,

thank you to all the authors,

who helped me grow,

Thank you to Julia Goulding, 

For without her books,

I would have never known, 

the joy of reading,

the magic of tales,

And the path upon which your books sent me,

for which without I would have failed.
Thank you to the stories for in life gave me a home away from home,

thank you to the libraries and librarians,

For the safty I felt,

in a Kingdom of their own.
Thank you to the writers, 

for the power I found in words,

thank you to the readers,

who soared with me like birds.
Thank you to the coming stories,

For adventures I’ve never heard, 

thank you for the glory,

For which I feel when  I play with words.

Two months in

Hello to the old and new readers!

Welcome to my first additional blog. As I have mentioned in my previous, set blogs, there will be more post in addition to the set ones on Saturday (the storyteller’s journey) and Sunday (tea time talk).

Though I have been saying that for a month or so now, and haven’t really posted anything so far… I say better late than never!.

2fab1be7f595a58815389c0ff90ca1fbNow, as I’ve mentioned before, these additional pieces won’t have a set date or time of release, as the one on Saturday and Sunday do, but do expect more every week as I get into blogging more and finding my own voice.


It has been two months now since I first started blogging, with the first month having been taken over by me getting into the rhythm of producing content, as I also started a YouTube channel around the same time. It has been a bit of a struggle after taking it slow for about six months, having spent that time focusing on myself and improving my mental health (I really hadn’t been in a good place) for three months, as well as spending another three trying to figure out where I really want to go in life, as well as attempting (and succeeding) to finish the final draft of my book, just the beginning.

When the end of December had come around I had started implementing ideas and jumping into actually producing things, and by January I had started posting and continually producing the mix of content. It had taken sometimes to settle in with the new way of life (as well as dealing with the problems of life itself), after not having so much to focus on as I had, but I have been getting into the pattern of it, with small bumps in the road.

By the beginning of this month, I had settled in a little, though there were things still out of order that I needed to get all together.

And as I got further into this month I can honestly say I really wanted to start blogging more. Instead of just posting set blogs twice a week, I wanted to post whenever I felt like. Ideas for post started to appear as I thought more about it during and so there is so much more I wish to talk!

So get ready for a whole load of crazy, but thoughtful, piece in this blog, mind of mine!


KITTENS (Warning: an overload of adorableness inside (>.<)

To make up for my lack of blogs thanks to an overflow of guests and extra responsibilities, I present you the adorableness of my cat’s newborn kittens!



Their mother decided she’s going to give birth to them in the neighbours garden, so after my sister noticed her lack of bulge, she set the night on fire with her screams as she ordered my brother to find them and I kept given her my’i-told-you-so’ speech after having predicted she was going to give birth any day now



The StoryTellers Journey: Chapter 3 (Part C – Realism)

Finishing following the instruction, I turned back and clicked the last of the three: realism.

‘Realism, in terms of characters, is the idea of making character three dimensional. To put it simply, it is making your character believable by giving your character complexity throughout your story, which emphasizes their important role. Your main character should not be a one-dimensional one, lacking depth and emotion. This will not make the story one of reading, for many, as it will not hold real value or entertainment for the reader.

To do this there are some things you should think about. Here are some questions previous storytellers advise to think about:

  • What is your characters past, present, and future?

Remember when writing these, that events of the past will also affect the present, as the present will effect the future. For example, if someone was to have been in an accident during their childhood, they may develop distress in a car during their present. This is important as the past affects who were are in the present, as it will do in our character. If something is just randomly inserted in the story but has no effect or cause it seems pointless and not needed, decreasing believability and disturbing the flow of the story. For example, a character having a near death experience, yet once it was over nothing changes in the story or characters behavior. There is just no growth in the character and your audience knows there should have been a change there.

  • What events influence your character being?

Remember here, that each and every event affects your character, each experience bringing with it a lesson, will its loss, gain, and observation.

Also, if you have multiple main characters, not each and every one of your character will react the same to a singular event. This is because everyone experiences things differently, no one outtake of a situation is the same.

Additionally, it is important to note that your character will not be the same entirely, at the end of the story, as they are at the beginning of the story. They should and will experience a change, and it’s your job to write it down.

  • If you were in such a situation of your character, how would you react to a situation or event?

This is, of course, done keeping in mind the experiences, values, and beliefs of your character. But it is simply putting yourself in your characters shoes and thinking what you would do.

Along with thinking of these questions, it is important to note that observation and research is a key aspect here. Many storytellers have said the best way for them to create characters realistically is through real life people. Some will remain, observers of behaviors of people, taking their observation and creating a character with these realistic behaviors. Others may make their characters reflections of people around them, though they will not always stay this way throughout the story, with the writer often letting the character drift off and become their own being. This is not a bad thing, as we are all characters of our own stories, though it’s important to remember the character goes through other experiences, which we may not in real life, that may also affect the way they behave as well.’

come back next week for the next chapter in the StoryTellers Journey  (^_^)