The Perfect Balance Series

A little bit of philosophy for you…

The world we live in, if you think about it, could only exist as long as there is a mix of both good and bad really.

If there was only bad, the chaos would lead to destruction; our greed and obsession for the worthless could drive us to the ground; and our lack of care will crumb us into… nothing.

If there was only good, it would become all too much! There would be no point on this earth if you think from a religiously perspective. Even if not, if you really think about it logically, how could good last alone?

There is always a point in our lives where we need one bad act to spring good, whether for the production of humanity or stabilizing it, into lives. So without it what would happen?

There would be insanity.

And the thing is, the world needs a balance of these to exist and keep on existing. So it begs the question of how, in all our years on this planet, hasn’t this balance tipped so far that it is the end? How has not there been a point in all our time before this that the balance is no longer so… balanced? Where the scale tips so far one way, there is no coming back from it?

What if there were somethings, that always kept that balance?

What if there were some beings that leveled out the world and created, and keep that… perfect balance?

And what if on one occasion, those beings responsibilities transferred to a little girl who life now revolves around their duty?


Why not check out the books below to find out?

Book 1 = Just the Beginning

Check out The Perfect Balance series Social Media to connect more with the story!




Chapter art available Here


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