Individual Pieces

Look below for singular stories and tales for your interest!

Each piece comes with their own coloring page. items for purchase!

Also each piece had their own items available for purchase upon My Redbubble Shop


Forever love

~*~ With the flower, she stood, waiting for her lover. A gift he usually gave, a symbol of forever. ~*~ I stood by the docks, overseeing the dark sea. Organs played in the background, breaking through the peaceful sounds of nature with their bleak and sorrowful tone. A single tulip twirled in my hand; a … Continue reading Forever love

Dragon Tales

She ran through the forest, their words replaying in her head. “Strike it down” They had said. “We want it dead!” The lying ‘hero’s‘ had hummed their agreements as they were feed. She looked to the evening sky with worry as she continued on her journey. “It’s time to take down the beast” had called … Continue reading Dragon Tales

Saint Valentine

He was named after the holiday, She didn’t understand the meaning to care anyway. He loved every aspect of it, She didn’t understand it one bit. He question why she didn’t like love, She corrected him and told him she just didn’t hold it as, amongst everything else, all above He questioned again, why, She … Continue reading Saint Valentine


You ask me what my fear is, but I can never tell, the thing that sets off my anxiety, the thing for which I fell. It crowds my thoughts, sets my heart a race, pulls at my arms, leave me breathing at a fast pace. Can you guess what it is? Click here to go … Continue reading Fear

Alien Collab

Read the behind the scenes of this art and video production here! This art and tale has two parts but originally started off as a short story I whipped up with Marivarts : Original tale: The little alien came to earth by accident. First, she was lost but then came to learn how to blend … Continue reading Alien Collab

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